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The development of regional airspace disease with scattered areas of radiolucency in a patient with centrilobular emphysema has previously been described in patients with pneumonia and has been termed a "Swiss Cheese" appearance, which describes non-uniformly perforated emphysematous lung tissue amidst dense consolidation.
Since the 80~s, different notions of relaxed hyperbolicity have been introduced: non-uniformly hyperbolic measures, partial hyperbolicity,.
The 13 selected peer-reviewed papers explore such aspects of logic as an analogy between cardinal characteristics and highness properties of oracles, a non-uniformly C-productive sequence and non-constructive disjunctions, the characterization of the second homology group of stationary type in a stable theory, some questions concerning ab initio generic structures, realizability and existence property of a constructive set theory with types, a goal-directed unbounded coalitional game and its complexity, large cardinals and higher degree theory, and degree spectra of equivalence relations.
Non-uniformly melted resin will not yield uniformly good or identical parts .
So, the time performance of MIH will be adversely affected when dealing with non-uniformly distributed datasets [7,11].
Based on the mathematical simulation and numerical results [2,3] of non-uniformly heating problem, heat flow, rubber elasticity, stress and stiffness, density and pressure distribution, stress-displacement relation, phase change condition, cooling and heating processes, solid-liquid interface, time step and changes parameter characterization will be stored via a database library of HPCL.
Among the topics are cell proliferation in the brains of adult rats exposed to traumatic brain injury, bloodflow analysis in epilepsy using a novel stereological approach, and quantifying in populations of non-uniformly distributed cells in the human cerebral cortex.
Heterogeneous mixtures contain at least two components that are non-uniformly distributed throughout a system.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) showed a round mass arising from the wall of the bladder dome, and with deep muscle invasion, the mass could be enhanced non-uniformly (Fig.
In single protostars, we would still see matter dumping onto the star non-uniformly, but never with the regularity or intensity of the bursts we observe in LRLL 54361.
A simple optical implementation of such a structure is obtained via phase modulating a number of non-uniformly spaced optical carriers by the input signal, passing the modulated carriers through a dispersive device and detecting the filtered output by a photo-detector.
Table 1 Cliquet option values with three non-uniformly spaced fixing dates (a) Average Average Maximum computational difference difference time with analytical with analytical formula formula Analytical 0.
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