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Along with fear, nonabstract terms also have been an integral ingredient of health-education programs.
Such words are translated in nonabstract ways, based upon their usage in a given passage.
What's astonishing is that she thinks she can lose it in something as specific and nonabstract as one (lucky) guy.
12) By "item that is a particular" I mean, roughly, something in the category of nonabstract entities, which are occupants of the spatiotemporal world.
Confusion arises when I ask them to write about the nonabstract things--the concrete, specific, and actual.
Types such as Set and Sequence must implement the operations specisied in Collection because they are nonabstract subtypes of Collection.
I find myself still looking for some specifices that my nonabstract mind can grasp.
That being the case, it is a challenge to the Aristotelian philosopher of science to explain how pure mathematics is really about universais that could be and sometimes are realized in nonabstract, physical reality.