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No sex differences were found for Awareness, Impulse, Nonacceptance, Goals, and the total score, whereas females reported slightly higher levels of lack of Clarity and limited Strategies, although effect sizes were small (Cohen's d [less than or equal to] 0.
Alternatively, greater merchant acceptance for credit could explain why debit users use more (disperse) ATMs, that is, merchant nonacceptance of debit cards causes debit users to use cash more frequently (at more locations) than credit users do.
These include, but are not limited to, nonacceptance of patients needing transfer, delay in transfer or bed assignment, delayed physician response, handoffs without communication among physicians, (7) dissatisfaction of the referring physician, and on request by accepting or referring physician.
These questions invite the thought that if the historical achievement of our broadly Kantian or universalistic morality was conditioned by activities predicated on the nonacceptance of that morality--including activities that we would not hesitate to characterize as moral atrocities and severe injustices--then we cannot in good conscience wish, all things considered, that those activities had not happened.
Particularly important for a new teaching practice developed to change behavior is its acceptability by students; this is because nonacceptance could lead student rejection of the practice (Wolf, 1978).
This mental intransigence seems to result in an inability to adequately dissect the issue of nonacceptance of homosexual behaviour and the acceptance of homosexual persons; thus leading to negative attitudes.
section]2518(b) as follows: 1) Existence of an irrevocable and unqualified written refusal to accept an interest in property; 2) receipt of the written refusal by the transferor of the property interest, not later than nine months after the later of the date of the transfer creating the interest, (4) or the day on which the person disclaiming reaches age 21; 3) nonacceptance of the property interest or any of its benefits by the person disclaiming; and 4) as a result of the refusal, the interest passes without direction on the part of the person disclaiming to a person other than the person disclaiming.
She said the major obstacles that she faced, among others, was the language barrier, social and cultural differences, "and the apprehensive look on the faces of the Europeans because of the Islamic dress I wear," as well as nonacceptance of the secondary diploma she obtained from Saudi schools that impelled her to study a two-year course before joining the university.
temporary resident status), and (3) "growing impatience in asylum countries" which leads to discrimination, nonacceptance, and increased levels of detention).
Well, there's no dispute even among those defending homosexual behaviour that it is a more difficult lifestyle with social nonacceptance and possible rejection by family and friends.
Early-period scholarship addresses, but leaves unresolved, the Buddhist nonacceptance of the self, which raises the question of how a nonagent could be autonomous.
For example, the authors make a blanket statement that all behavior stemming from nonacceptance is "Neanderthal.