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An implication of Pettit's definition is that the realization of a robustly demanding value "depends not only on what actually happens but also on what would happen in certain nonactual circumstances.
Noninstrumental uses of Kripke semantics and standard counterpart semantics also require stand-ins for particular nonactual individuals.
Even if we do have the imaginative ability to conceive of nonactual phonologies, this is no more relevant to foundations of linguistics than our imaginative ability to conceive of non-actual animals is relevant to the foundations of biology.
Another way of saying potent potency is nonactual nonactuality, or actual actuality--not pure actuality but a constant actualization (a powerful potency) of potential being.
Second, however, is the text's own presentation as fiction, which triples the reader's separation from Mary: we see her first as the representation (on screen) of a version (any given interlocutor's interpretation) of a nonactual body (a fictional character).
Another approach is to introduce exotic--'bizarre' (254)--objects to be referents and witnesses: they are nonexistent or nonactual or nonconcrete things like Gailus, fictional characters, and unicorns.
Other topics touched upon by the symposium participants included social authority in dialogue, using outcome matrices for phrase selection, cognitive modeling of common ground, and modeling actual and nonactual states of modal verbs.
Lycan (1988) defines actualism as "any program that explicates nonactual possibilia and all the phenomena of modality exclusively in terms of actual objects and their properties" (p.
78) That is clearly inconsistent with the view, propounded by Sholl J and Adam J in Coastal Estates, that all cases of nonactual election must be seen to involve a different principle than that of election, especially estoppel.
19) The number of potential targets varies because the universe of nonactual targets for a specific country and industry is not the same as the universe of nonactual targets for another country and industry.
In the clausal syntagm, the descriptive/interpersonal contrast applies to the distinction between the clause as description of an event, and the clause as a specific event that is referred to in the world of discourse, and interpersonal modifiers are seen as specifying whether the event is actual (realis) or nonactual (irrealis).
1, how Monica uses rhythm and pitch in line 53 (bah bah [down arrow] bah [down arrow] bah) to reposition herself; despite its stripped-down semantic profile, this speech production effectively dismisses as so much nonsense the storyline by means of which Renee's grandmother tries to other-position Monica as an hysterical imaginer of nonactual events.