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Loosely speaking, according to the SSP a sentence is true if it expresses a proposition identical to a fact in the actual world, and false if it expresses a proposition identical to a fact in a possible but nonactual world.
Another way of saying potent potency is nonactual nonactuality, or actual actuality--not pure actuality but a constant actualization (a powerful potency) of potential being.
Another approach is to introduce exotic--'bizarre' (254)--objects to be referents and witnesses: they are nonexistent or nonactual or nonconcrete things like Gailus, fictional characters, and unicorns.
19) The number of potential targets varies because the universe of nonactual targets for a specific country and industry is not the same as the universe of nonactual targets for another country and industry.
In the clausal syntagm, the descriptive/interpersonal contrast applies to the distinction between the clause as description of an event, and the clause as a specific event that is referred to in the world of discourse, and interpersonal modifiers are seen as specifying whether the event is actual (realis) or nonactual (irrealis).
22) Fiction either concerns itself mostly with textual actual worlds or with textual alternative possible worlds or may take a nonactual possible world and describe it as if it were actual.
The "argument is that the actual world is only one possible world among an infinity of possible nonactual worlds or 'pnaws.
Insofar as the feature of abstractness allows for the "necessary existence but nonoccurrence" of events, this definition fits my understanding of omissions as events that are nonactual.
Some philosophers locate this source in our capacities to conceive or imagine various actual or nonactual states of affairs, but this approach is open to certain familiar and seemingly powerful objections.
Numbers were established as nonactual objects, without which the notion of infinity in arithmetic could not be grounded.
At the level of the clause, discourse-referential operators indicate that the event is either actual (or realis) or nonactual (or irrealis).
5) It is obvious that there is a sharp difference between possible worlds that have been identified this way and our actual world; the latter is simply not a logical universe, whereas possible worlds are of the same, nonactual status.