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Infancy or minority; lack of requisite legal age.

Nonage entails various contractual disabilities and is a ground for Annulment in some jurisdictions.




noun adolescence, childhood, early stage, immaturity, infancy, legal immaturity, legal minority, period of legal immaturity, period of legal minority, tender age, youth
See also: adolescence, minority
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Monichino and Nonage serve as national correspondents for Australia.
23) Such genealogical hubris not only condemns Africans to perpetual nonage, but endlessly defers an incarnation of the Christian message into what is truly "other.
Kant's call for men to emerge from their nonage was thus a call for men to recognize what they had always been-the source of values, possessors of a rational moral will--and to act upon that recognition.
If such a thing shal happen, it may well be answered that such parties were Hermaphrodites, that is, had the parts of both sexes, which because of the weaknesse of their heat in their nonage lay hid, but brake out afterward as their heate grew unto strength.
Some will seek housing in a nonage restricted development; others, like the majority of the Healthy Hermits and Frail Recluses, will opt to remain in their present homes.
As for the musical and thespian capabilities of Lady Mary Tudor in her nonage, Price surely can't be serious when he claims that the ditties sung by Shirley Temple at four-and-a-half amounted to |far more' than does the challenging role of Cupid in Blow's masque.
If you are under the age of eighteen and have never been married or had the disabilities of nonage removed by a court, one of your parents or your legal guardian must sign this petition on your behalf.
But the nonage boys are working with him as driver and bodyguards.
School, University of Sydney; Luke Nonage, Professor, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney.
The results in Table 3 correspond with the sensitivity test provided in Donohue and Levitt's Table V, with two exceptions: an additional row limiting the sample to just those of known ages affected by the legalization of abortion and replacing all the nonage specific state-year level variables with state specific year fixed effects.
Although technically not emancipated, the disability of nonage is also removed when a minor marries.