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Infancy or minority; lack of requisite legal age.

Nonage entails various contractual disabilities and is a ground for Annulment in some jurisdictions.




noun adolescence, childhood, early stage, immaturity, infancy, legal immaturity, legal minority, period of legal immaturity, period of legal minority, tender age, youth
See also: adolescence, minority
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Only one-third of Medicaid payments go to the nonaged poor; thus, a 5 percent increase in AFDC enrollments would boost overall Medicaid expenditures by 1 1/2 percent, or about $1.
To calculate PRI, the mean of several tests is divided by the mean of tests on nonaged samples and the result then multiplied by 100.
Finally, in a sharp distinction from persistently high-cost beneficiaries, the episodic high-cost group contains a sizable share of nonaged adults and children--specifically, 13.