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Infancy or minority; lack of requisite legal age.

Nonage entails various contractual disabilities and is a ground for Annulment in some jurisdictions.




noun adolescence, childhood, early stage, immaturity, infancy, legal immaturity, legal minority, period of legal immaturity, period of legal minority, tender age, youth
See also: adolescence, minority
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The majority of beneficiaries received their primary care in physician offices: 79 percent of primary care days for the aged and 62 percent of primary care days for the nonaged.
The median annual cost of the aged beneficiary in our analysis sample was about $2,800, somewhat higher than the median cost for the nonaged at about $2,600.
Tables 2 and 3 present the three estimated cost functions for aged and nonaged beneficiaries, respectively.
Outpatient clinics had higher costs (positive coefficients) relative to HCs for all three cost types, and for both the aged and the nonaged.
Table 4 presents simulated annual costs for an aged and a nonaged Medicare beneficiary (total costs, primary care costs, and nonprimary care costs) conditional on where they receive their primary care.
Findings for the nonaged were very similar in most cases.