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BEIRUT: A four-legged security guard greeted attendees Sunday at the entrance to WoofFest, making sure the guests were friendly and nonaggressive toward others.
To find a panel of miRNAs as biomarker for UCB, the present study initiated with the selection of specific miRNA candidates based on the comparison of expression levels in cancerous tissue between UCB patients with aggressive phenotype and nonaggressive phenotype adjusted by representative UCB by means of the Toray 3D-Gene miRNA array.
In this particular case, radiographic findings were compatible with a nonaggressive mandibular bone deformity (benign neoplasia) and surgical margins could be precisely planned.
The results of cluster analysis categorized by on-road driver behavior into two groups of aggressive and nonaggressive are presented in Table 3.
The conventional treatment of lesions like CGCG or ABC of the jaw bones is surgical excision either by curettage or en bloc resection depending on the behavior (aggressive or nonaggressive), location, the size of the lesion, and radiographic appearance [9].
Active surveillance, an option for nonaggressive prostate cancers, is now being investigated at MSKCC and in Japan.
Our commitment is born out of this ideal, to guarantee gentle and nonaggressive formulas, with an unprecedented reassurance that 98% of the ingredients come from natural sources and are placed under rigorous dermatological testing.
On 16 May, one interaction between elk and horses was nonaggressive. On five occasions the photo data was inconclusive.
lack of forethought and insensitivity to consequences), blame externalization (i.e., rationalizing or blaming others for one's own misbehavior), impulsive nonconformity (i.e., lack of concern for rules or social norms), low levels of stress immunity (i.e., absence of emotional reactions to stressful events), and cold-heartedness (i.e., callousness and lack of guilt) as compared to nonaggressive controls (Helfritz and Stanford 2006).
Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers and here you can learn all about the indigenous grey Carniolan honey bee, a nonaggressive creature that produces high yields of honey.
As Banas, Dunbar, Rodriguez, and Liu (2011) report, "positive, nonaggressive humor has been associated with a more interesting and relaxed learning environment, higher instructor evaluations, greater perceived motivation to learn" and greater enjoyment during educational experiences (p.