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The most common reasons for diagnostic nonagreement were incorrect diagnosis by the on site physician (who was a junior physician) and insufficient history taken.
Other investigators reported both agreement and nonagreement in measurements of rabbit, rat, canine, bovine, porcine, ovine, feline, equine, turtle, and manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) albumin concentrations.
When looking at the interstate-ethnic crises occuring between 1945 and 2004 it is noteworthy that most of the cases, 64%, terminated in nonagreement outcomes.
Multilateral bargains are less attractive: the costs of nonagreement are lower for the United States than for other states, giving its government both greater bargaining leverage and enabling it to forego agreements while suffering fewer costs.
TABLE 3 Selected Demographic Characteristics of Participants, by Agreement or Nonagreement of Questionnaire and Diary with Respect to Seafood Consumption Levels [X.
Through the program, 553 nonagreement employees were separated from service, of which 314 retired under NS' retirement plan.
The last column is the fraction of the total possible prize lost to nonagreement, which is equivalent to the "dispute rate" discussed in the Roth (1995) survey.
For the indicators based on actual prescribing data, there are no explicit values for assessing agreement or nonagreement with the guidelines.
Based on these evaluations and negotiations among planning team members, a final recommendation -- or in the case of nonagreement, a set of options -- is provided to Cabinet following internal government review.
The main tenets of the concept are: the Post-Magyar comes into existence when the postmodern is no longer sufficient; the post-Magyar is above and beyond the Magyar and the "I, Hungarian"; it means Hungarianness, but by inevitability and not by proclamation; it means inward-rooted nonagreement with and active objection to anti-Semitism;(3) it means knowledge that freedom is inaccessible; it means that language exists and creates itself and that it must not be constructed.
Almost all of the instances of nonagreement occurred when probation staff made a recommendation and the psychologists declined to make a recommendation.
In part, their elusiveness has been fostered by nonagreement on what the definition of quality of health care truly is.