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This fact implies that our algorithm can not apply the networks with nonapparent community structure.
be nonapparent because an observer would be unable to see the pipes
146) The gross appearance of cervical adenocarcinoma is variable, ranging from nonapparent, especially in early stages (although some deeply invasive tumors can be grossly deceptive) to mass forming (polypoid, papillary, nodular, sessile, ulcerated, or diffuse thickening of cervical wall).
Bollen, Apparent and Nonapparent Significance Tests, 25 SOC.
MIUSA exchange programs are inclusive of people with all types of disabilities, include those who are deaf or hard of hearing or have cognitive, visual, physical, psychiatric, systemic, nonapparent, and other disabilities.
Vigilant students of last October's report from the Iraq Survey Group, headed by Charles Duelfer, on the nonexistence of WMDs noted that Duelfer tried to shift attention from the embarrassment of nonapparent WMDs by suggesting that they were not only eternally immanent but also imminent as long as Saddam Hussein led Iraq, because he might well have used revenues from the oil-for-food program to ramp up his old WMD programs.
This type of poetic intervention is the nostalgia of the social status, essence of the Being, of the nonapparent one, but that can be reached through an initiated intervention--as did, premonitory, Ion Barbu.
The phenomenon of clinically nonapparent infections varies in different areas and populations of the Americas.
Or else, that's what the phenomenon is, but not in the sense of what appears in light: rather than the phanein, it is the phaos itself, light, and not the light that appears (lumen) by clinging to surfaces, but the light that flashes (lux) and that causes to appear, itself nonapparent as such.
Be careful about using "cookies" and other hidden or nonapparent ways of collecting data.
And, whether a CPA kept her calendar or list of contacts in Outlook or in one of those fancy manual organizers was equally nonapparent.