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On the same note, "as many as 29 international nongovernmental organizations - many doing vital development work in Pakistan for years and employing thousands of Pakistanis - were informed this month that their registration applications had been rejected due to nonapproval by intelligence agencies," the article stated.
The main reasons behind this paralysis are the sudden collapse of international oil and gas prices, the rivalry between some political leaders on the typically Lebanese epidemic called "mukhasasa," the nonapproval by the government of two crucial implementation decrees of the 2010 oil law, the dispute with Israel over the delineation of maritime borders, and the arguments raised against active and direct state participation in the nascent oil and gas industry, and hence against a rapid establishment of a national oil company.
The nonapproval of the BBL would be a good recipe for radicalization.
Wyndham Wilson of the lymphoid malignancy branch at the National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research, said that, based on the effects of the drug on surrogate endpoints, he believed it was useful for treating type 2 diabetes and that the cancer and hepatic findings "did not rise to the level of nonapproval for me.
So in most instances it should not be difficult to make an objective assessment as to whether or not a particular fact or intervening circumstance would suffice, in the normal course, to cause prosecutorial withdrawal or judicial nonapproval of a plea bargain.
pdf ("The majority of FDA program resources are devoted to premarketing scientific risk identification and assessment and approval or nonapproval.
However, most insurance determinations leading to nonapproval for undertaking a medical procedure or surgery will ultimately coerce the consumer to forsake the procedure or surgery.
Were this new agency to be created, it would effectively create within the FDA an anti-drug entity with strong incentives to argue for the nonapproval or withdrawal from the market of drugs that have significant side effects even if they offer huge net benefits.
Genta responded that nonapproval would be a denial of patient access to Genasense[R] because they could not afford to give it away in an expanded access program.
Goodman claims that Buddhists deny all notions of moral responsibility, and that this supports their nonapproval of emotions such as anger and resentment at certain actions; for no one is seen as actually responsible for them (366).