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Healthcare system consequences of appointment nonattendance have been organized into categories of social and financial costs (Bech, 2005).
Financial costs of nonattendance include lost revenue, inefficient use of resources, and difficulty recruiting physicians and qualified personnel (Bech, 2005; Zeber, Pearson, & Smith, 2009).
Client consequences of appointment nonattendance include possible delay in diagnosis or treatment of acute care illness or effective management of chronic illnesses, leading to less than optimal healthcare outcomes and/or compromised quality of life for the child and family.
The purpose of this exploratory descriptive study was to explore parental perspectives on appointment nonattendance in pediatric ambulatory specialty care clinics.
Findings are also consistent with the perception of providers that nonattendance is more likely in families with chaotic lifestyles or those who lack organization and have other issues that take precedence (Cameron et al.
Forgetfulness as a contributing factor to appointment nonattendance has been previously cited in the literature in both adult and pediatric populations (Akhter, Dockray, & Simmons, 2012; Kaplan-Lewis & Percac-Lima, 2013; Pesata et al.
This is consistent with previous studies in pediatric populations that found a significant association between wait times and appointment nonattendance in pediatric dermatology, otolaryngology, and pulmonary clinics (Cohen et al.
In addition, nurses can assume a proactive approach to this challenge by identifying children at risk for nonattendance and exploring interventions such as referral for case management services and other available resources to optimize healthcare utilization.
Health provider factors associated with nonattendance in pediatric dermatology ambulatory patients.
Health provider determinants of nonattendance in pediatric otolaryngology patients.
Solicitor Sean Curran told Thames magistrates court Doherty's nonattendance was valid.
The responsibility for the nonattendance lies squarely with the local education authority, both legally and morally, and is not police work.