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I seem to remember the Coventry Telegraph publishing an article stating the expense to the NHS over nonattendance of patients for appointments - what a surprise.
Her daughter has a history of nonattendance at school and Wood accepts that at times she has encouraged her non-attendance.
The player has not been charged with any offence,but has been asked to attend a personal interview on Monday 13 October to explain the reasons behind his nonattendance.
It is important that there is a method of recording meetings, together with reasons for nonattendance.
All but two of the trusts on Merseyside had higher nonattendance rates than the national average of 11.
Wednesday's meeting in the national parliament failed to proceed as only 22 of the country's 50 lawmakers turned up to vote, with some government members citing security concerns in Honiara for their nonattendance.
Simi said that Birsner's nonattendance could cause morale problems at the hospital and asked hospital administrator Robert Harenski whether he had heard any grumblings among the staff.
The report stated: "Northern Ireland has consistently had the highest overall rate of nonattendance.