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Nonavailability of conventional DST for some patients limited our ability to analyze resistance pattern among all enrolled patients.
These challenges include nonavailability of point- of- care ( POC) test which can reach to the remotest area.
90 kmp including part repair of Diagonal Municipal Road with brick stitching, Bamboo walling & sand bag filling (due to nonavailability of earth) under Bongaon Highway Sub-Division under Barasat Highway Division No.
He took notice of the shortage of Medicines in the hospitals, nonavailability of cold water for patients and attendants, improper generators facilities, poor cleanliness and security.
Alnoriana said that robotic cardiac surgery was not available in the UAE until last June because of the nonavailability of hardware.
The project was approved by Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) in 2010 but work was delayed mainly due to nonavailability of sufficient funds, he added.
E Association of Industry in Karachi staged a protest near Governor House on Friday in the wake of nonavailability of gas supply to the industries.
People having limited income were not able to construct homes in plots of land received from the government during the past 30 years due to nonavailability of water and electricity in those areas.
There are many challenges in the management of hypertension, such as patient compliance and the nonavailability of new potent pharmacotherapies.
I firmly believe that most delays are caused by 'bed blocking' in A&E caused by insufficient beds in the Surgical and Medical Assessment Units and the re-admission of patients discharged too soon due to the nonavailability of recuperative beds in the community.
Anne warrants and represents that its requirements under this contract shall be approximately 15,000 tons a year, and further warrants that in any one year its requirements for Secondary Fibre shall not be less than 10,000 tons, unless as a result of an act of God, the Queen's or public enemies, war, the authority of the law, labour unrest or strikes, the destruction of or damage to production facilities, or the nonavailability of markets for pulp or corrugating medium.
Thanks to the new twist I spent the night scratching my head over the availability, nonavailability or potential availability of none, one, two or three "steals".