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nonbelligerent acts that more severely infringe territorial integrity,
(4) According to Gerhard Von Glahn, "A state behaving as a nonbelligerent remains outside a war in regard to the actual hostilities and claims to be neutral, yet does not behave impartially but favors one side or the other.
(50) Turkey's participation in World War II demonstrates that regardless of their determination to remain nonbelligerent, in the ever-increasing complexity of global politics the Turks could no longer risk isolation in the evolving symmetry of global power relations.
"I would hope that the protesters could not just be silent, but nonbelligerent, both for the children and their parents."
In many ways, the widespread opening of the legal profession at the end of World War I has the appearance of a bandwagon effect, among the nonbelligerent as well as the belligerent powers.
Although Zedillo has on the whole adhered to the nonbelligerent approach adopted by the Salinas government, his political debility appears to have been reflected over the years in recurrent vacillation as he occasionally yielded temporarily to more militant outlooks.(51)
In contrast, category III missions are distinctly nonbelligerent, mostly humanitarian efforts, occurring in benign environments.
Second, there is the risk that nuclear war may lead to nuclear winter, devastating attacker, defender and nonbelligerent alike.
Thankfully for the Pilgrims, our region's natives, severely weakened by the 1617 typhus epidemic introduced by French explorers, were not only nonbelligerent, but helpful, generous and initially much more tolerant and forgiving than the Pilgrims would have been had the Wampanoags settled on their land and stole their seed.
Maryland's status as a nonbelligerent state created reasonable and legitimate expectations (151) that the president could send troops through in times of war.
arms on a battlefield remained a nonbelligerent. Despite being a Qatari
* Militarily, to ensure American territorial integrity and support for alliances to which the nation is committed; to safeguard American citizens against intimidation or attack; to bolster American external interests in concert with political and economic interests, while fostering a nonbelligerent engagement with other states, regions, and alliances.