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The border collie auditioned nonchalantly yesterday for an important part in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is coming to Sunderland Empire next week.
I wonder what those fellows who nonchalantly worked on the bomb would have made of the chaos that the unnecessary panic caused in Coventry on March 12?
Renardo Sidney stretched out his 6-foot-10 frame at center court, seemingly without a care in the world during pregame warmups, and teammate Malik Story nonchalantly drained jump shot after jump shot from the baseline in front of numerous interested onlookers.
The salesman nonchalantly confirmed what he had seen and went on talking about cars, but the customer was amazed.
Faked a yawn or scratched your wrist in order to nonchalantly check your watch?
Drawn nonchalantly, her stories are not told in a direct, orderly fashion, but rather insinuated with knowing winks, as it were--through signs, outlines, and faces whose features are blank or crossed out.
Midway through our photography session I nonchalantly made my way to the trunk of the car to change film, snatching up the bottle of Privilege Hennessey I brought as a token of my understanding of the Thizz Nation.
Not really," replies the preteen nonchalantly, towering over a mini-James Dean.
And though the Tezukas' roof house was nonchalantly unguarded by handrails, here you feel they might be required.
His goals at Old Trafford on Tuesday were all fantastic, but what stood out for me was a picture of experienced internationals Gabriel Heinze, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville standing by as Rooney picked up the ball and nonchalantly thumped home the free-kick to complete his hat-trick.
It's basically been under the radar screen," Peter Spiro, a law professor at Hofstra University, nonchalantly told the Times.