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Microscopically, this MRT contained characteristic sheets of anaplastic, noncohesive tumor cells with eccentric nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and eosinophilic, fibrillar cytoplasmic inclusions (Figure 2).
The method is applied for modeling of noncohesive grained material.
Additionally, a partially fluorinated, nonionic surfactant ATA-1074 also forms flocs in ethanol and water; however, SWNT/ATA-1074 flocs in water form a noncohesive powder upon solvent removal that makes resistivity measurements unreliable.
The research focuses on clear-water scour at singular piers in noncohesive sediment mixtures.
Grade 2: Less orderly, noncohesive germinal cells and closely- packed seminiferous tubules
It started with its first application to simulate the dynamic behaviour of noncohesive granular material, which is presented as an assembly of grains.
In his comparative study of the pre- and post-martial law party systems in the Philippines, Hicken showed how the institutional environment encouraged the rise of "locally focussed, noncohesive parties" with a powerful presidency (p.
The Vrieco Nauta Vitomix can not only cope with difficult applications like producing pastes and homogenising cohesive and noncohesive powders but it is also suitable for homogenisation of sensitive products like brittle granules or freeze dried products.
2004a, 2004b) have also reported the existence of tunnel erosion process in nondispersive material resulting from the liquefaction of noncohesive soils and mine spoil containing high silt and sand content.
two results: (1) a tense and noncohesive company culture; and (2) unfair
Either they evolve into the team expected and win a fourth title in five years, or they flop and fall apart in a noncohesive mess.