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The dataset served as the testing ground for evaluating potential enhancements to the pier scour tools for noncohesive soils in Hydraulic Engineering Circular 18 (HEC-18).
When facing such an issue, name generator procedures become more problematic; for instance, they could result in noncohesive groups' information being systematically underreported because the people who constitute these groups are, by definition, individually less "important" than those who belong to cohesive groups (Baldassarri, 2009; Huckfeldt et al.
Even the references to printed books in Building Stories are spread throughout various sections rather than appearing in one place; thus, even when Building Stories praises the unity and cohesion of the printed book, it does so in a disunited, noncohesive way.
Fundamentals of the particular DEM models of noncohesive granular material may be found in [2-4], aplication examples in [5-7] while important details of DEM simulation technique and software implementation in [810].
In his comparative study of the pre- and post-martial law party systems in the Philippines, Hicken showed how the institutional environment encouraged the rise of "locally focussed, noncohesive parties" with a powerful presidency (p.
The Vrieco Nauta Vitomix can not only cope with difficult applications like producing pastes and homogenising cohesive and noncohesive powders but it is also suitable for homogenisation of sensitive products like brittle granules or freeze dried products.
2004a, 2004b) have also reported the existence of tunnel erosion process in nondispersive material resulting from the liquefaction of noncohesive soils and mine spoil containing high silt and sand content.
two results: (1) a tense and noncohesive company culture; and (2) unfair
In noncohesive coarse soils, it approaches a value approximately equal to the diameter of the bed material in millimeters.
47) John Taylor's proposal that all sovereign debt contracts contain collective action clauses recognizes that sovereign borrowing has evolved from being principally borrowing from a somewhat cohesive group of banks to being principally borrowing from a noncohesive group of bondholders.
Peat moss, shavings, or similar noncohesive materials are suitable for storing scions.