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And although he tried again to get the girl to talk to him, finally patting her noncommittally on the shoulder and wandering back upstairs, he felt unnerved by the child's hostile, alien expression.
He nods noncommittally, his mind already on a different subject.
"Sounds interesting," he says noncommittally. He's calm now; but when excited, he moves like a grasshopper trapped in a glass jar: his hands chop at the air, his head swivels and he incessantly twiddles with his phone and computer, (As an energetic kid with ADD, sitting still made his "bones [hurt].")
She nods noncommittally, hugging her purse to her chest.
(She doesn't seem to consider her daughter-in-law a lady.) The Misfit replies noncommittally, so the grandmother presses the point, nearly screaming, as if the Misfit doesn't understand: "I know you're a good man.
Paul responded noncommittally to Norman's invitation to join The Fifth Estate, noting that he would check his schedule and get back to us.
Asked yesterday how he felt about being voted by gay men as the tennis player they would most like to go out on a date with, he answered noncommittally: "Very flattering, the more fans you've got the better."
(121) But Justice Stevens had been bound and determined to ask her whether laws discriminating against men without harming women should be judged by the same standard as those that disadvantaged women directly; indeed, he rephrased the question at least twice before Ginsburg replied noncommittally that she would "withhold judgment" on the issue.
Still tricked out in his leisure suit, Mike retreats to timeless mother nature, and is seen gazing noncommittally at the sunset.
To the question why he helped the Jews, Franco's only answer was "because of an elementary feeling of justice and charity." As to the rabbi's request to see supporting documents, Franco answered noncommittally, "I will look into it." As to how Franco was able to resist the Nazis and yet retain their friendship, the dictator emphasized that "Spain enjoyed the friendship of Germany" which respected Spain's wish to stay out of the war.
Four days after the polls closed, US president Ronald Reagan had responded noncommittally to the accusations of electoral tampering made by fellow Republicans, including Lugar, saying, "Well, I think that we are concerned about the violence that was evident there and the possibility of fraud, although it could have been that all of that was occurring on both sides." Not until the dust had settled on February 24, over two weeks after People Power had announced its victory, did Reagan agree that Marcos had to go.
Though Fallon pressed Roosevelt for more Catholic representation in Cabinet, the president responded diplomatically and noncommittally, explaining graciously to Fallon that his selections were based on merit, and not creed.