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Though Fallon pressed Roosevelt for more Catholic representation in Cabinet, the president responded diplomatically and noncommittally, explaining graciously to Fallon that his selections were based on merit, and not creed.
These three covers highlighted a range of "convergence" representations, from the superficial understanding of belonging expressed noncommittally in the wearing a hockey shirt, to the physical coexistence of an indifferent crowd and fleeting engagement, to the "brain gain" of newcomers loyally choosing a new society.
It was an awkward session because Mark replied noncommittally to most of my questions, rarely made eye contact, and stared straight ahead as if he were daydreaming.
Readers of By Grand Central Station who oscillate noncommittally between treating the text as fantastic and as referential have affinities with Smart's narrator, who repeatedly identifies mythological resonances in her experiences, resisting simplistic distinctions between reality and metaphor.
The nearest he got to it was in discussing noncommittally whether the sterling area should break up or float as a unit against the rest of the world.
Like all detours, this one took considerably longer than planned, and when I was through, I screened it for the faithful and got righteously drunk and fell in love with everyone who had a kind word to say about the film and swore revenge against all those who muttered noncommittally and then I went to bed knowing it was all over.
When the grueling interview process was over, they noncommittally said they'd call if interested.
You could use a little sun," said Wall noncommittally.
So I said, noncommittally, "A faithful draftsman is what he is.