noncompliance with law

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He points out that the firms most likely to have engaged in blatant noncompliance with law in the form of options backdating are "smaller firms, technology firms, and firms with volatile stock prices.
Are there any specific risks in the business such as--but not limited to--internal control weaknesses, loss of major customers, notice of noncompliance with law or an expired patent on an important product?
The global ethics code published by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants[R] provides broader guidance for professional accountants in public practice when they may encounter or be made aware of noncompliance or suspected noncompliance with laws and regulations.
Following the IESBA's adoption of a new standard for dealing with noncompliance with laws and regulations during an engagement or employment, the AICPA is preparing to follow suit with a proposed modification to the Code of Professional Conduct.
This written report shall also include recommendations on a plan to make improvement in the internal control system, accounting system, noncompliance with laws, rules, and regulations, and any other relevant issues observed by the Auditor during the conduct of the audit.
The purpose of this study is to analyze local governmental audits between 1997 and 2012 and the possible effect of the changes in audit firms on auditor reports, audit opinion types, internal control weaknesses, reportable conditions, and material noncompliance with laws and regulations.
Operational risk is the risk of loss due to human error; inadequate or failed internal systems and controls; noncompliance with laws, rules, regulations, policies or ethical standards; and external influences such as market conditions and fraudulent activities.
These events may include possible noncompliance with laws, potential fraud events and less sinister events such as potential process or human errors.
generally accepted accounting principles; (2) a material weakness in the Foundation's internal control over financial reporting; and (3) no reportable instances of noncompliance with laws and regulations we tested.
Risk management is a process that manages inherent risk, including fraud, noncompliance with laws, regulations, costs, competition, and change, by identifying
Echoing Treadway's emphasis on establishing strong internal controls from the top down, the GAO also recommends that companies develop and maintain a system to prevent and detect noncompliance with laws which, if violated, would have a significant impact on the company's operations or its financial statements.
generally accepted accounting principles; the Foundation had effective internal control over financial reporting (including safeguarding assets) and compliance with laws and regulations; and no reportable instances of noncompliance with laws and regulations we tested.