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The qualitative component involved two focus group discussions involving 15 participants, one comprised of owners/operators from compliant FHEs who were selected from the zone with the highest certification status and the other comprising noncompliant operators from the zone with the lowest compliance rates.
Consequently, the number of noncompliant firms at 2002 shrinks dramatically to only four (with 24 bonds) for the cost of debt sample.
Can my constituents still fly domestically on a commercial aircraft using only their noncompliant state-issued driver's license?
Six of them were what we considered to be noncompliant, which would have left us with only a single compliant bidder and that particular bidder was $750,000 more than the lowest bidder.
Irvine official made it known that noncompliant employees will soon face a number of penalties, including loss of their Internet access.
Chubb is therefore at a loss to understand why The Burma Campaign UK would on August 19 issue a news release which clearly implies -- incorrectly -- that Chubb has an office in Burma and that Chubb only now is revising its Burma policy and "pulling out of Burma" in response to Chubb being included on The Burma Campaign UK's noncompliant list.
Patients treated in a noncompliant fashion with regard to margins had a threefold increase in postoperative complications in comparison with those treated in a compliant fashion.
Working with Parents of Noncompliant Children: A Guide to Evidence-Based Parent Training for Practitioners and Students" is a guide for training parents to better deal with their children and their behavioral and attitude problems that so often come up.
CounterACT operates out-of-band, spanned from a distribution-layer switch, enabling it to relocate endpoints to a quarantine VLAN or physically shut down a switch port when noncompliant endpoints are detected.
The Apathetic and the Defiant and The Insubordinate and the Noncompliant are the second and third volumes of a trilogy on military disobedience published by the Canadian Defence Academy Press and the Dundurn Group.
During this procedure, it was noted that noncompliant components did not typically contain lead, mercury, bromine or chromium at levels around the RoHS limit of 1000 ppm.
PHILADELPHIA -- Compliance with antiepileptic drugs was worse in the elderly than in younger patients, and noncompliant patients were more likely to have serious sequelae including death, based on results from two separate studies.