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Judges in the competition were impressed by the quietly confident nature of the firm's awards application and its pro-active, progressive attitude Applegate is a member of several industry bodies, some being noncompulsory memberships.
Bin Sahal added: "Four years later, only a few shops attempted to adhere to the ministry's noncompulsory order, as shop owners are more likely to hire men in order to increase the number of customers.
In the determination of noncompulsory budget receipts we assume that they can be explained by power politics in CM and benevolent goals of EP.
The term [[epsilon]] is a mean zero stochastic error that should capture all the short run variation of compulsory or noncompulsory expenditure shares that cannot be explained by SSI, INCOME and FG.
Ronda Storms (R-Valrico) introduced legislation that would have permitted schools to sponsor "an inspirational message, including a prayer or invocation, at a noncompulsory high school activity, including a student assembly, a sports event or other school-related activity, if a majority of the participating students request the delivery of an inspirational message and select a student representative to deliver the message."
He said the union was also committed to noncompulsory redundancies.
Asked whether 'appropriate staff members' are being trained, 28 per cent said 'no', either because those who needed it most chose to opt out of noncompulsory training programmes, or because training departments did not have sufficient staff or financial resources to roll out training in the way they thought most beneficial for the company.
901 rules that disallow foreign tax credits for refundable and noncompulsory payments and for taxes paid to certain countries.
Noncompulsory attendance: Can state supported universities afford this luxury?
This paper reports on a study of noncompulsory certifications in the finance profession.
In 1986, the CCCB's Social Affairs Commission defended the rights to "quality care" and of women to enter the work force "with opportunities equal to those of men." At the same time, the bishops recommended that the publicly funded system they favour be noncompulsory. Mothers, the commission said, should be able to stay home with their children.
482 or otherwise) of the possibility of securing a refund or reduction of foreign income tax but fails to pursue its remedies to secure such an adjustment, the amounts for which no adjustment was sought may be treated as noncompulsory foreign payments.