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Include briefings on and protections for gender nonconforming and transgender individuals in school and college Title IX trainings and prevention programs
Total quantity or scope: Under contract to be awarded is aimed execution of Connection to the mains objectives: urban warehouse waste nonconforming Pascani - Dry Valley and inconsistent urban waste repository Harlau, Iasi County from Project Integrated Waste Management System Iasi county data solution through OPINIONS annex to the specification.
similar nature of nonconforming uses and Measure 37 waivers, and the
But nonconforming methods are hardly treated, as far as we know, there are few papers on the nonconforming elements under anisotropic meshes.
By definition, a nonconforming use or structure is one in which the use or structure was legally permitted prior to a change in the law, and the change in law would no longer permit the re-establishment of such structure or use.
Regulations emerged in the zoning context that allowed a nonconforming use to continue provided there were no major alterations to the use.
They constitute an alteration of the operation, and you can't do that and maintain status as a nonconforming use," Howe said.
Sociological research confirms that intolerance of nonconforming ideas and behavior is more common among people from small towns than people from urban areas.
Another area of major concern to the drafters of the new ordinance involved the nonconforming use.
Risk-adjusted capital requirements also discourage depository institutions from holding some types of nonconforming loans: For mortgages having a loan-to-value ratio of more than 80 percent and no private mortgage insurance, they must hold more capital to guard against losses.
Under the earlier proposed regulations, D would have been treated as having received a nonconforming distribution to the extent that his compensation was found to be unreasonable.
Saying they supported vegetation control," but not the proposed two-inch rule as drafted by DOT staff, the industry representatives made a presentation of their own ideas for a more sweeping rule that would, in effect, allow clearcutting in front of all billboards-conforming and nonconforming (about 8,000 in all)-for a distance of 500 feet (approximately the length of two football fields) and including plants and trees up to a four inch trunk diameter.