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Another problem faced by local governments and property owners is whether restrictions on expansion or enlargement of a nonconforming lot can be enforced.
Amwest also argued that Concord had messed up by failing to properly and timely notify Amwest of the existence of nonconforming documents and properly dispose of the presented documents.
In Part III, I will examine the development of land-use doctrine governing the regulation of preexisting nonconforming uses and highlight its theoretical similarities to the air pollution context.
The operator uses the scan report to check the computer software files and pinpoint unjustified or nonconforming markings.
"Municipalities don't enjoy the same flexibility when it comes to nonconforming uses and structures.
19 with the Bureau of Development Services decision to partially approve and partially deny Becker's application for three specific nonconforming uses.
Aqua Fall was involved in illegal manufacturing while Pure Aqua found nonconforming. against relevant rules; therefore, both were seized as per rules, said a PSQCA release issued today
the type Of report a firm receives in peer review is largely dependent on whether any of the engagements that the peer reviewer reviews arc materially nonconforming. Nonconformity ran result from deficiencies in reporting, financial statement presentation, disclosure or documentation.
Or a man who's tired of beauty products that avoid threatening your sensitive masculinity, likening scents to "Game Day," Irish Stout and Charcoal, or even just "Dirty?" Or maybe you're a gender nonconforming person, who hates being forced to choose a side of a store, and consequentially, a gender identity, every time you enter a mall?
Gender nonconforming children deserve school environments where they can grow and thrive.
The system's servo-cam rejecter will gently redirect any nonconforming container from the production stream without damage or spillage, while continuing to maintain maximum throughput.
(1) This excavation has been termed 'nonconforming' if photoreceptors are detached from the RPE, or 'conforming' when the RPE follows the contours of the photoreceptor layer.