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23) That link will be explored further below, but the focus of this article will be the activities of the nonconformist ministers at the general election of 1868.
When she turns to the Nonconformists, Dr Rivers rehearses their distrust of university learning, and charts a debate on the relative importance of the writing of books as against the preaching of sermons.
Now is the time for the nonconformist churches to come together under one body if they hope to survive.
ONE of New Mill's claims to fame is its historic nonconformist church.
The list of participants shows that Birmingham's nonconformist elite were on the case.
Nonconformist Chapel, London Road - rebuild north and south pediment gable backing walls, renew timber roof structure and ceilings to nave and portico and re-roof.
City of London Burials: a search for burials in the Square Mile from 1788-1855, including Nonconformist records.
Church records are complicated by the existence in many areas and particularly the north west - of nonconformist chapels.
But Evan Tracy, 21, from Oakland was clearly a nonconformist.
Our roots stem from the nonconformist traditions in sixteenth-century Continental Europe and seventeenth-century England.
While the definitions of strong Nonconformist beliefs help a reader who has nor been reading large amounts of early modern literature, the editors could assist readers encountering Protestant poetics for the first time by suggesting a broader context.