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Indeed, his imagination was especially enlivened by the sight of a Nonconformist chapel in a pastoral setting.
Nevertheless, as the years passed, toleration, at least of nonconformist Protestants, became progressively real in practice.
It was build by RC Hussey in 1850 through the generosity of Charles Bowyer Adderley, the first Baron Norton and Mr Joseph Wright a nonconformist, founder of the Railway Carriage Works in 1844, who contributed PS500.
The author really should have discussed his Nonconformist (Baptist) background with its emphasis on individualism and congregational democracy and its identification with Victorian liberalism.
For their part, "moderate" nonconformist apocalyptic commentators, who were more prolific than their Anglican counterparts, argued that the Church of England had reacquired too much of its popish, anti-Christian trappings in 1660.
DEFINITION of dissenter - one who separates from the service and worship of an established church; especially, one who disputes the authority or tenets of the Church of England; a nonconformist.
A FORMER Nonconformist minister, Reverend Dafydd Hughes Jones, has died aged 89.
The building, which was once part of a 19th Century nonconformist Bethel chapel, is being demolished.
In his latest column, our family historian Paul Wilkins explains how Nonconformist records can help you trace your family tree A couple of weeks ago I discussed parish registers of the Church of England.
Sell, Nonconformist Theology in the Twentieth Century.
In the first chapter, the nexus for these issues is the Warrington Academy, the nonconformist school known as the "Athens of the North.
Nonconformist ministers continued to stress the importance of revelation and the Word of God.