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6) Noncontinuous Rastrigin function (value space:[[-5.12,5.12].sup.D], optimum:0)
where [delta](x - [x.sup.f]) is the two-dimensional Dirac function, [x.sup.f] is the position of the surface, the integral is along the interface S, n is the interface normal, [sigma] is the interface tension coefficient, [kappa] is the secondary interface average curvature, and [rho] and [mu] are noncontinuous density field and viscosity field.
Our finding could have a clinical relevance from many points of view: (1) existence of a significant influence on the values of SDNN calculated from short-term segments of Holter recordings, especially in the case of noncontinuous blood pressure measurement triggered ECG recordings and (2) the possible application of the phenomenon in improving risk stratification.
To determine differences between noncontinuous variables, genotypic distribution, allele frequencies, and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, chi-square test ([chi-square]) was used.
These shallow wells (9-30 m) have noncontinuous casings of larger diameter (0.6-0.9 m), which provide additional water storage in the well (Figure
Then, the MR cisternography was used to observe the continuous or noncontinuous long T2 value high-signal column from the subarachnoid space through dural tears or fistula into the paranasal sinuses.
In addition to the six articles noted previously, a meta-analysis using electronic databases compared fall rates after major lower-extremity orthopedic surgery when patients received a continuous lumbar plexus blockade, noncontinuous blockade, or no blockade (Johnson, Kopp, Hebl, Erwin, & Mantilla, 2013).
On these two sections which were by definition noncontinuous, a single point was subtracted for an area of early ischemic change such as focal swelling or parenchymal hypoattenuation for each of the defined regions.
Critchlow and Brewis (34) observed a noncontinuous surface layer on the aluminum surface after overtreatment with the Cr-based pretreatment chemical.
On the other hand, we cannot explain why this would not occur in women with abdominal myofascial pain syndrome, and it is possible that, in women with CPP, more NO is produced by the vascular system in response to the prolonged and noncontinuous use of analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory drugs (about 80% of our patients self-medicate with these substances more than twice a week) (3).
The various parameters studied during observation period were compared using [chi square]-test for noncontinuous variables.