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SB 500 included a number of noncontroversial provisions, such as earlier release of nonviolent inmates, increased supervision of paroled prisoners, and new treatment programs inside and outside prison walls.
It wasn't a big battle, because the Senate saw that this was a noncontroversial piece of legislation in an otherwise controversial bill," she said.
The FDA has a remarkably poor record at predicting which of its regulations will truly be noncontroversial, and this study suggests that it has been classifying certain proposed regulations as "noncontroversial" in hopes, most frequently misplaced, that they will go unnoticed.
I never slagged off the club - in fact I've gone out of my way to be noncontroversial.
Those interested in the relation between natural law theory and theology will find several stimulating if noncontroversial chapters.
It passed Tuesday without objection along with a raft of other noncontroversial bills.
It is used for policies that are noncontroversial or that incorporate technical or industry standards by reference.
First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson and Par Nixon as noncontroversial helpmates is the subject of Chapter 4.
The selections over many years are of candidates who are noncontroversial.
They generally focus on noncontroversial issues such as energy efficiency and technology.
Generally, provisions included are noncontroversial items.
To do this, the chair and the council must work at getting the meeting's priorities in right order: spend limited time on what is noncontroversial and more time on delicate matters either as a group or in one-on-one conversation.