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Although such policies could adversely affect some noncontroversial groups, they remain an option.
Another reason to concentrate on mostly noncontroversial topics such as sports and stay away from news is to avoid censorship in places such as China, Ng adds.
I maintain that a noncontroversial congregation is already dead!
No space was made available for challenging the event's fundamentally victim-blaming and patriarchal premises, which reporters and commentators treated as noncontroversial and valid.
In return for dropping constraints on reporting about noncontroversial areas of government (which constraints don't work anyhow), the government hopes to pass tight new laws that will criminalize all investigative journalism or public debate in areas like internal security or defense policy.
Noncontroversial nominees have been forced to sit on the sidelines waiting for months or even years to be considered, only to finally be confirmed with few or zero votes in opposition.
* Continue to find leaders who find cozy and noncontroversial topics to preach against each week, so we are not made uncomfortable in our religious hours.
Why would De Guzman, the executive director of a noncontroversial and little-known government agency, have so many bodyguards?
The rules were noncontroversial among regents and didn't generate any discussion.
The senior Binny, who played 27 Tests and 72 ODIs between 1979 and 1987, remained noncontroversial throughout his cricket career and even after retirement.
Still, it was heartening to hear Coburn urge his colleagues to return to more collegial days when senators routinely expedited the approval of well-qualified, noncontroversial judicial nominees.
There will be the inevitable glitch bill to fix problems with that legislation, Benson said, although most changes appear to be noncontroversial. She invited lawyers to go to, read HB113A, and pass along their recommendations for any improvements.