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32) Moving against noncooperating states has a significant downside if requiring that the United States and its allies shun rule violators when engaging them instead could reveal options, generate useful information, and overcome misunderstandings.
In fact, given that the government often seeks cooperation from less culpable players in order to get at the "higher-ups," we might expect defendants who cooperate to be charged with less serious offenses than their noncooperating counterparts.
According to the model in Section 2 and the proposed method in Section 3, using the parameters in Table 2, the controller can be obtained; then in the cases of cooperating and noncooperating Evaders, the system performances and the trajectories of the aircrafts can be calculated, as shown in Figures 5 and 6.
In the past few years, the Central Bank has intensified its campaign against suspected money launderers after Lebanon's name was removed from the list of noncooperating countries in the fight against dirty money in 2001.
By December, the European Union will decide on the status of the Philippines as a noncooperating third party in its campaign against (IUUF).
5 percent) responses originate from LSPs engaged in horizontal cooperations, while 174 responses originate from noncooperating LSPs that therefore had to be excluded from the subsequent analyses.
in the eyes of noncooperating defendants), but they do nothing to help
Once the notion of interdiction has been accepted by the vast majority of states that are concerned with nonproliferation, and once a system of liability has been established, a further gentle nudge will be needed to cross the final line and board a ship of a noncooperating nation without consent.
To empower noncooperating parties would be to defeat international fact-finding entirely.
administration would abandon due process by "assuming" that noncooperating financial institutions are cheating?
122) As a result, the previous block quote concerning cancers as noncooperating cells can be transformed into the more general statement by a different biologist:
He reiterated that there are competent authorities tasked with holding noncooperating countries accountable and that the media is not among those authorities.