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The diversion under the cooperative solution is smaller then the one under the noncooperative solution.
Estimation of the simultaneous Tobit model is by full information maximum likelihood.(29) How we interpret the sign on the coefficients [Phi] and [[Phi].sup.*] depends on whether the game on which the specification is based is noncooperative or a bargaining game (see the section "Possible Outcomes in the Strategic Use of NTBs" for details).
The Marxian framework is not very robust in explaining the change from cooperative to noncooperative behavior among the Igbo.
Multi-agent optimization has attracted an extraordinary amount of research attention as a methodology to let agents cooperatively coordinate their actions, but it is inappropriate and ineffective for systems with noncooperative (selfish) agents, virtually all modern c-sos.a paradigm shift is necessary to ensure safe and efficient operation of complex systems with possibly noncooperative agents.
Summary of responses: Head teachers discussed that they were facing some from parents such as the noncooperative behavior of parents.
'Due to non-cooperation and noncooperative attitude of the law minister and the Ministry of Law and Justice since I joined the office and especially since the present crisis, it is not possible for me to continue in that office,' his one-page resignation letter addressed to the president had stated.
Instead of having faith in mechanisms that rely on personal reputations, we must now trust that the mechanism governing noncooperative play in the validation/consensus game will deliver a unique equilibrium outcome with the desired properties.
Duterte's approach to power is based on 'the methodical use of the coercive power of the state in order to intimidate dissenters, critics, skeptics, deviants, and noncooperative individuals who, in his perception, are not taking him seriously.'
Under noncooperative tax setting, an increase in public infrastructure increases the optimal tax in the investing country.
Even so, it is in America's interest that Iran remain on the FATF list of high-risk and noncooperative jurisdictions for now.
Interlocutors can show cooperation via different channels: (a) via nonverbal behavior signaling the intent for cooperation, (b) via direct verbal messages, and (c) via their actual cooperative or noncooperative decision-making behavior.
The fusion of the data obtained from the monocular camera and a range sensor is utilized in the algorithm for the pose, and shape reconstruction of a noncooperative spacecraft is considered in the paper [25]; the unscented Kalman filter is used for the estimation of 6n + 17 variables, where n is the number of the feature points.