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Da Silva says 11,500,000 Americans are dependent on exports, including workers employed in highly competitive industries--such as agriculture, high-tech, and defense--and that pursuing noncooperative, unilateral trade policies could damage those sectors in the long term.
Defensive measures will be considered by G20 members against noncooperative jurisdictions" if progress toward tax goals is not made, the group said in its statement.
With Evader and Defender cooperating, the acceleration demand of Defender is smaller than the noncooperative case.
However, these solutions are designed under noncooperative game formulation, and they cannot point out the cooperative solution in the problem of distributed channel selection.
Pakistan has made persistent efforts to resolve this issue through dialogue on the bilateral level as envisaged in the Simla Agreement and having been frustrated by the noncooperative attitude of India has rightly decided to reraise the issue at the international level and in the UN.
The incidence of quality control defects was higher in the cooperative jurisdictions, as compared to the noncooperative jurisdictions, only in the second inspection reports as well.
In order to see cooperative and noncooperative aircraft as well as wildlife, many sense-and-avoid systems use a mix of sensors.
The dollar auction game: A paradox in noncooperative behavior and escalation.
The Case of the Prototypical Noncooperative Policyholder
Writing for technical personnel in engineering or other scientific disciplines who are new to the field of electronic warfare, experienced engineers, and those taking courses on electronic warfare emitter geolocation, Poisel, who was a research engineer at the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Intelligence and Information Directorate, details methods and techniques for geolocating noncooperative targets of interest that are emitting radiofrequency signals.
However, any well-trained economist would already be quite familiar with the history of economic thought: Any text worth its weight in greenbacks on this topic stretches back to Aristotle, and adventurous tomes would possibly include the Code of Hammurabi (wherein one will find strict rules on the allocation of inheritances--allocations that surprisingly align with optimal outcomes of multiplayer noncooperative game theory).