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Because of the president's request and Hoover's own interests, the FBI began ( prioritizing noncriminal intelligence investigations  over criminal ones.
(g) Request to Determine Confidentiality of Appellate Court Records in Noncriminal Cases.
Jongeward has pleaded guilty to a noncriminal violation that charged him with failing to make an accident report after the wreck.
To distinguish between "criminal" and "noncriminal," the rough criteria were committing life-threatening crimes and felonies (armed attacks, grievous bodily harm, murder, arson, serious sexual assaults).
To aid in this goal, the CLS contributed $25,000 to The Florida Bar Foundation to fund grants to legal aid organizations that assist low-income Floridians in all 67 counties in noncriminal matters.
California and federal law do have a narrow statutory privilege that allows taxpayers to discuss tax advice with qualified tax advisers in noncriminal tax matters in the same manner they may consult with tax attorneys.
In noncriminal tax matters, that privilege applies to any communication that "would be considered a privileged communication if it were between a taxpayer and an attorney" [IRC section 7525(a)(1)], In the criminal context, however, no such privilege applies, except when the accountant assists an attorney in providing legal advice.
"This has resulted in their obligations often being passed to the police as the service of first and last resort, with 72% of police officer time now spent in dealing with noncriminal matters," he said.
In a variety of settings, noncriminal actors rely on arrests as a means of achieving their own regulatory agendas.
The case reports of remitted criminal and noncriminal psychopaths which are presented in this book are the only examples of real remission in a sample 667 patients which were treated in a forensic psychiatric hospital between 1966 and 1995.
About two-thirds of those suspensions are for minor infractions, including nonviolent, noncriminal and nondrug offenses, according to the report released Tuesday by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice.
"The new panels will look into cases related to financial matters and noncriminal violations," said Labor Minister Adel Fakeih.