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Democratic senators were then able to use a nondebatable simple majority vote to overrule this ruling in favor of simple majority cloture.
For example, the Senate majority can use a reform by ruling by (1) making a point of order based on the Constitution, (2) using the presiding officer of the Senate to rule in favor of the point of order, and (3) using a nondebatable (and simple majority) motion to table any minority appeal of the ruling.
First, a new precedent is required to ensure that a motion to suspend the rules is nondebatable.
The authors go on to trace the development of a nondebatable motion to table appeals from rulings of the Presiding Officer.
Galileo shook Europe to its foundations in the early 17th century, when he put forward the nondebatable fact that the universe was heliocentric - that the Earth and its planets revolved around the Sun, not the other way round.
Senate rules often make it difficult to act quickly, but the chamber can act on the House's latest proposals by simply calling them up and killing them on a nondebatable motion.
Such a nondebatable error will normally require a showing that the lower court violated due process, failed to follow binding precedent, or failed in the application of unambiguous statutory law.
So the answer to the question of whether new technology, that allows scientists to collect more accurate quantitative data, should be used in the professional scientific laboratory is a nondebatable, yes.
The cash-flow solution is so straightforward as to be nondebatable," Councilor Scott Meisner said.
The majority leader has the right to move to consider nominations on the Executive Calendar (a nondebatable motion under Senate Rule XXII).