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KCB, who are the only side yet to taste defeat in eight outings, having beaten Nondescripts 28-6 in Ruaraka on Saturday, are away to Mombasa at the Mombasa Sports Club.
Named after owner Jay Amante's old telephone number, 78-53-86 is a nondescript watering hole next to a barber shop on the top floor of a two-story building.
The term Greater Birmingham is designed to give the region a global relevance, rather than the nondescript "WMCA" .
Gjorgjevski calls on Novakovski to give a true explanation as to why he resigned otherwise there will be doubt that his nondescript explanation is written with the handwriting of SDSM's leader.
Along with a nondescript Tory, a witless Labour MP and baroness, they fell into a trap so obvious that you honestly have to wonder how they find their own way home at night.
They may have sounded fairly nondescript but that didn't stop new tracks like Mirror and Rocket Song from having the desired effect.
Sadly, our city planners thought otherwise and allowed nondescript, characterless eyesores to be constructed.
I'm sure all would agree that we already have enough awful, nondescript, atrocious shoe boxes that look like prisons.
Summary: Solar energy brightens up the lives of the villagers in a nondescript village in Uttar Pradesh state.
DOES anyone remember the film Batteries Not Included in which an old New York restaurant was earmarked for demolition so that money-making nondescript skyscrapers could be built in its place?
More than 20 people have been diagnosed with the mysterious disease, which causes nondescript pain, weakness, fatigue and possibly paralysis.
Temple University officials were surprised when they received two anonymous donations totaling $5 million in nondescript envelopes sent via U.