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It was a good joke when it started, about 100 years ago - celebrities like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Al Pacino and Michael Caine living in a nondescript street in Surbiton, leading boringly mundane lives.
The southeast corner of 65th Street and Madison - for years a vacant, ugly and undesirable storefront - will soon be the home of famed couturier Valentino, and with the construction of the Armani building diagonally across the street, a once nondescript portion of Madison Avenue is suddenly becoming the hottest new fashion address in New York.
Adding a bank of oak cabinets, a brick-faced storage bin, and a built-in bench with drawers turned a nondescript family room into this convenient, clutter-free space.
These possess an immediate connection to a social reality; the pale green applied to the walls of her installation at Manifesta, for instance, recalls the intentionally anonymous and nondescript color of hospitals, offices, and prisons--and not only in Poland.
N'Gou had a good record on paper with 20 victories from his previous 21 fights but nine of those had come in the Ivory Coast against nondescript opposition.
The consensus of all I spoke to was why on earth build a stadium in the nondescript wastelands of North London when this is already available.
The University of Art and Design is quite a long way from the splendid neo-Classical city centre, and you get to it down a straggly dull road lined with nondescript, but somehow unpleasantly obtrusive, structures.
But we can reveal their home for the next few weeks will be The Orchard, an nondescript house in a leafy suburb.
I used to be a window dresser and wore funky clothes, but now I work for a building society I've got into uniform mode and live in black clothes and nondescript make-up.
Henry is a smug moral hypocrite and Clare is a nondescript bourgeois ``socialist'' girl perfectly happy to be sentenced to a lifetime with a man she never chose.
In a nondescript plaza, a gymnast climbs up a traffic light to do a handstand.
The screen overshoots vertically, giving the building a measure of presence in the nondescript street.