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The forthcoming laughter is a far cry from last week's superb but sobering Nonentities presentation of Not About Heroes, centred on First World War poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.
An emerging trend in recent tax legislation is the treatment of certain entities as nonentities for Federal income tax purposes.
It provided him not only with an intellectual framework for his criticism but, more importantly, with a rationale to perceive himself as a superior human being, only interested, as he pointed out in his autobiography, "in individuals in whom he could find germs of truth and beauty." Thurman's ultimate goal, he explained, was to achieve his own salvation by becoming "a beacon light on Mount Olympus" in the midst of "several million begging, cringing, moaning nonentities."
AM I the only one who is sick to the back teeth of all these TV shows which are full of nonentities - ie Strictly, X Factor and all baking and cooking programmes?
It might stop other narcissistic nonentities trying to emulate them.
Their usefulness to the nation far exceeds the overpaid nonentities that the BBC employs and whose pay details, which are funded by Joe Public, it refuses to release.
He failed to mention that the media as a whole were not in the least bit interested in the Lib Dems as they were - and will be again in the not-too-distant future - total nonentities.
Who kids these nonentities the public is interested?
The sooner other businesses stop feeding the egos of these nonentities, the sooner Heather and "very un-important people" like her will realise that if you want something in life you have to work - and pay - for it!
After 17 years as an actress with Kidderminster's Nonentities at the Rose Theatre, Julie Innes makes her directorial debut with next week's production of Ladies' Day.
This programme lacked any real depth as the producers brought on complete nonentities to drone on about films featuring crumbling buildings, earthquakes and volcanic explosions.
In fact, why any of these nonentities have signed up for Cirque De (Non) Celebrite is a mystery.