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Thurman's ultimate goal, he explained, was to achieve his own salvation by becoming "a beacon light on Mount Olympus" in the midst of "several million begging, cringing, moaning nonentities.
AM I the only one who is sick to the back teeth of all these TV shows which are full of nonentities - ie Strictly, X Factor and all baking and cooking programmes?
And at least they won't be crawling around a pair of Hooray nonentities, offering to sing at their wedding so they can get an invite.
It sickens me thatGovernment can alter the counties by taking our beloved county names off us and then give us unwanted and unpopular names in their places that are nonentities.
These people who are basically a bunch of powermad nonentities are acting like the dictators in some Third World country.
HOW low have we as a nation sunk that the media should devote so much time, space and money to the antics of two vacuous nonentities (The Journal, February 24)?
Who kids these nonentities the public is interested?
The sooner other businesses stop feeding the egos of these nonentities, the sooner Heather and "very un-important people" like her will realise that if you want something in life you have to work - and pay - for it
After 17 years as an actress with Kidderminster's Nonentities at the Rose Theatre, Julie Innes makes her directorial debut with next week's production of Ladies' Day.
This programme lacked any real depth as the producers brought on complete nonentities to drone on about films featuring crumbling buildings, earthquakes and volcanic explosions.
In fact, why any of these nonentities have signed up for Cirque De (Non) Celebrite is a mystery.
What respect can our assembly expect with such nonentities employed to protect our governance and moral standards?