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And their killers stayed in death the nonentities they were in life.
Who kids these nonentities the public is interested?
The forthcoming laughter is a far cry from last week's superb but sobering Nonentities presentation of Not About Heroes, centred on First World War poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.
Full of nonentities but you know you will end up watching them eat witchety grubs.
Imagine my horror and embarrassment when being asked to point out Wales on the map of Europe I found that although nonentities such as Liechtenstein, Monaco and Andorra were shown, Wales was not marked, and this in an atlas bought in Cardiff
One of the downsides is that you have to meet some fame-seeking nonentities while you're doing it.
In fact, why any of these nonentities have signed up for Cirque De (Non) Celebrite is a mystery.
A "vow" is to do with an oath before God, to do something or other, yet nonentities use the word without shame.
Both Mutharika and his party were dismissed as nonentities by the traditional parties and their supporters.
Admittedly, the last two US Opens there were won by nonentities, Andy North and Steve Jones, which rather ruins the mystique, but this Donald Ross masterpiece, first opened in 1917 and restyled by Robert Trent Jones for the 1951 Open, still ranks No.
The money wasted on MSPs - who are mostly a bunch of political nonentities - would have been better spent on Scotland's NHS.
While some of us may or may not adhere to these beliefs, those out of step become nonentities, dismissed as right-wing, misguided, and unenlightened.