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Ond yn dilyn polisi newydd Radio Cymru o gael trafodaeth chwarter awr am o leia un o'r rhaglenni yma bob bore yn ddi-ffael, dw i bellach yn gwybod fod 'na hen foi sydd yn methu dawnsio yn mynd i ennill Strictly, mae 'na foi sydd yn methu canu wedi cael 12 miliwn o bleidleisiau ar X-fixer, ac mae 'na ryw seleb gyda bronnau ffug wedi bwyta ceillie gwartheg yn ofni ei bod wedi beichiogi ar I'm a Nonentity.
Well Joe, this nonentity is topping the bill at the Royal Court in Cinderella.
Their decision to snub an offer of help from John McEnroe while appointing nonentity David Felgate as performance director takes some believing.
Jonathan Horowitz's Bach Two Part Invention #9 (Archival Photo Version), 1998, a slow trickle of recorded piano notes plus a photo and text detailing the artist's failure to capitalize on his childhood music lessons, coped even less well, reading as a solemn exercise in the use of sound to measure the passage of time in space (in this case, the institute 's stairwell) rather than a wry comment on self-publicization, celebrity, and nonentity.
Reagan's dramatic shift from confrontation to constructive engagement paved the way for George Bush's more moderate presidency, which saw the Soviet Union diminish from a fading-but-formidable enemy to a virtual nonentity.
Since umpires have reduced the high strike to a nonentity, "everything low" becomes an extremely viable style of pitching.
Federal agency balance sheets (see exhibit 1, at right) include nonentity assets, meaning assets that are not available for spending because the recipient is going to transfer them to another federal reporting entity.
Therefore, in the eyes of the law, if one is not a person, one is not a human being and therefore a nonentity, with no legal rights.
His intimate knowledge of women is reflected in his self - appraisal: "Without women, I was a nonentity, without vigor, without energy, in a word, without a soul.
But who employed these two nonentity boneheads in the first place?