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Plus, "RAID 6 protection safeguards data loss even if drives fail, and the WORM disk function provides nonerasable, nonrewritable security.
The original submission of a manuscript for review must be primed on a letter-quality primer with double spacing throughout on nonerasable 8-1/2- by 11-inch paper.
In some cases, employing a nonerasable archive technology such as optical WORM (Write Once, Read Many) drives or WORM tape is mandated.
SEC Rules 17a-3, 17a-4 and NYSE 342,440 stipulate that brokerages and others retain all materials and e-mails associated with trading activity, while the NASD Conduct Rule 3010/3110 regulates any publicly traded company to perform electronic e-mail and electronic records management and archival to nonerasable electronic media.
Preserving regulated data on non-rewritable, nonerasable formats (an important provision of the SEC regulations).
Expected to bow toward the end of the year, the quarter-size nonerasable discs can hold up to 500 MB of data -- more than 11 hours of music downloads or dozens of vidgames -- and be played on various portable digital devices.
Each sensor was composed of 15 layers of diazo paper (Azon #4516 nonerasable diazo sepia paper, Azon, Johnson City, New York, USA) sandwiched between two layers of opaque cardboard.
Recordable optical systems are available in erasable and nonerasable forms.
But nonerasable disks make things easier and are the most widely used.
Static collections are rapidly becoming more common as nonerasable optical disc publishing activities increase [12].
Optical mass storage is found in two forms, erasable and nonerasable.