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Sheraton Jeddah said it would take several measures such as turning off exterior signage lighting - dimming and where appropriate and safe turning off nonessential interior lighting, using candlelight in appropriate public areas such as restaurants.
One of the approaches dealing with the problem of obtaining well-defined criteria for multiple criteria static decision-making problems is the concept of nonessential objective functions.
Its workers are not engaging in work stoppages but are refusing to sell nonessential "extras" such as hot drinks, food and alcohol "that contribute so much to the company's profits.
or [ordering] the addition of new nonessential elements.
Bush surprised many observers by calling on Americans to curtail nonessential travel as a solution to the fossil-fuel crunch.
Accurately: Mazu Profiler alerted on actual activity versus flooding security teams with nonessential alerts warning of hypothetical threats.
Cadmium is a toxic and carcinogenic nonessential metal released from mining, smelting, battery manufacturing, and coal burning.
Reducing expenses and eliminating nonessential purchases to better save for your goals is key.
Three days later, for the first time in its history, WHO recommended postponing nonessential travel to the affected areas and screening airline passengers (1).