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'In fact, the bill clears the way for other new players to apply for their own nonexclusive franchises,' Yap said in a statement.
'The text of the bill speaks for itself: It is nonexclusive, encourages others to apply for the same, and aims to end the existing monopolies on electricity, because we believe consumers deserve new choices for better service at lower cost,' Leviste said.
Professional services company, Towers Watson (NYSE:TW) (NASDAQ:TW) declared on Wednesday the signing of a nonexclusive agreement with the Segal Group, a benefit and HR consulting firm, to expand access to the private Medicare solution on the company's OneExchange.
Alyeska argued that the valuation did not account for Alyeska's nonexclusive use of the TAPS right-of-way.
Alyeska appealed the Commissioner's decision to the superior court, arguing the Commissioner incorrectly concluded the TAPS lease was required by statute to be assessed at 100 percent of fee value without regard to Alyeska's nonexclusive interest in the lease.
Eight in 10 gay or bisexual men who reported having had sex without disclosing their HIV status (35% overall) said that they had done so in the context of nonexclusive partnerships; for heterosexual men and women, episodes of intercourse without disclosure were about evenly divided between exclusive and nonexclusive partnerships.
Second, the licensing agreements were nonexclusive for both SW and other third parties.
Intellectual property licenses are either exclusive or nonexclusive. Under an exclusive license, the licensor confers full ownership of and exclusive control over the licensed intellectual property to the licensee for a particular use, over a particular geographical area and/or for a specific period of time.
The allotted caps--20 percent for exclusive ventures and 30 percent for nonexclusive ventures--are based on the percentage of physicians in each included specialty who have hospital staff privileges and practice in the relevant market.
when they acquire nonexclusive rights to the same programming.
One of the assets is all of Y's rights in certain software previously used by Y under the terms of a nonexclusive license from the software developer.
Updates made copyrights impractical, therefore, the software was made available to the customer under a nonexclusive and nontransferable license agreement prohibiting reproduction.