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The purge of nonexistent students had reduced the region's student population of 785,267 by more than 10 percent in that year alone, his office said.
Then we discuss two classical statistics models, a nonexistent laboratory-effects model and a random laboratory-effects model, based on Assumption I.
For many taxpayers, the property tax savings resulting from conducting an audit or fixed asset inventory to reveal nonexistent assets and identify assets that should be disposed of far exceed the costs of the audit or inventory.
The book also provides a previously nonexistent baseline for further evaluation of the hazards of the worldwide increase in the size of human beings.
The panel also concluded that "channeling of patient choice is sufficient to show injury to consumers" and that injury to competition could be proven even if injury to the consumer was "practically nonexistent.
In the traditional realm of sociology, the Census Bureau and publishing, black fatherhood is nonexistent.
He was charged with anomalous disbursement of P16,317,559 to a food supplier Henry Merchandising, which turned out to be 'fictitious and/or nonexistent,' according to the prosecution.
You'll see that the project consisted of both restoring the historic fabric and replacing it where it was destroyed or nonexistent.
The minimalism is a burden now and again--Sweeney sings a love song to a nonexistent barber chair; the drama stumbles when characters don't have the space to act out some events--but overall it's quite a feat of stagecraft.
Most countries appear on track to halve the number of people without access to safe water (although 800 million would still be at risk), but progress toward meeting sanitation goals is slow or nonexistent in several regions.