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For $350,000 in inflated or nonexistent purchases, the state worker got only about 1%, or around $3,500.
Then we discuss two classical statistics models, a nonexistent laboratory-effects model and a random laboratory-effects model, based on Assumption I.
Civil society is almost nonexistent, and any potential opposition has been either bought out or suppressed by the regime.
Based on a search of major libraries, most of these earlier works have not been easily available, and recordings are practically nonexistent. These pieces can and should enrich the late-romantic repertoire of both students and teachers.
The gulf between boys and girls in math and science has been a problem for years, but what the TIMSS survey shows is that the gap has closed between the sexes at the lower grades to the point of being virtually nonexistent. By the time students reach high school, however, girls tend to shy away from math and science in part because fewer efforts are made to motivate them in these areas, according to experts.
Although his state last year surpassed even Texas to lead the nation in the number of executions, Keating argued that, considering the far greater number of homicides, executions in the United States are already "rare if not nonexistent," as the pope has urged.
Many discussed the relationship of nonexistent civil rights and the collective self-image of gay men.
The audit also discovered that the project was over billed $419,000 by taxicab companies that had been hired to transport students to the private schools, and then realized that some of the funds went for nonexistent rides for nonexistent students.
Because of the rarity of laryngectomy, and the fact that medical training on this procedure is almost nonexistent, the organization seeks to provide supplemental education, to help therapists work effectively with laryngectomees.
Order imbalances could take small investors unawares, and the concept of a trading halt would be nonexistent. There would be no listing requirements, which would not be a problem for big, actively traded stocks, but could be for smaller ones.
From the long, noble and utterly twisted tradition of Canadian parody/comedy comes Harry Knuckles, a clever trailer for a nonexistent action film.
These tax-savings opportunities include properly categorizing assets and identifying nonexistent, nontaxable, overvalued or obsolete assets.