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Assisted suicide would threaten the nonfatally ill.
Sillitoe expanded the raw figures, in the chief constable's report for 1938 giving tedious detail including, incredibly, the number of people nonfatally injured by dog bites (two male, one female).
Johnson, Note, Compensating Parents for the Loss of Their Nonfatally Injured Child's Society: Extending the Notion of Consortium to the Filial Relationship, 1989 U.
For example, the results of a study of fatally injured (N = 182) and nonfatally injured (N = 96) drivers involved in vehicular crashes conducted in Baltimore (Schmidt, Shaffer, Zlotowitz, & Fisher 1977) led the investigators to conclude that 1.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, nearly 14,000 children died in 2007 due to injuries, and nearly 9 million children were nonfatally injured.