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The maternal inheritance of mitochondrial DNA (Sato & Sato 2013) could mask very recent or current genetic exchange between two species through hybridization and fail to detect the presence of nonfertile hybrid populations.
There were three groups of participants: women in the fertile phase of their cycle, women in the nonfertile phase of their cycle, and men.
Parasperm: morphological and functional studies on nonfertile sperm.
extenuata: Fertile and nonfertile stems: Global R=0.
Fertile days were 15 to 19 days prior to the first day of the next cycle (periovulatory phase); nonfertile days were 11 to 3 days prior to the onset of menstruation (luteal phase).
Echinococcus granulosus: DNA extraction from germinal layers allows strain determination in fertile and nonfertile hydatid cysts.
Among the 64 participants, 14 were in their fertile phase, whereas 50 were in their nonfertile phase.
Women engage in a lot more food-related behaviors in the luteal stage, the nonfertile stage of their menstrual cycle.
During nonfertile days, the cervical mucus is thick and acidic.
Women in the fertile stages of their menstrual cycle are more attracted to masculine gaits than are nonfertile women, according to a study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.
They found that in the nonfertile times of the month both sets of dancers earned similar tips.