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Fortunately not; the transducer has just not finished yet: With the input [0, 1, 1, 1], which is the binary expansion of 14 from the least significant to the most significant digit, we would stop in the nonfinal state with label 2, as we can see by typing
Simins (86) identified "residual discretion" over a matter that was remanded to a board for additional proof as grounds for characterizing the order as nonfinal.
Andersen (2001: 209) attributes nonfinal position uses of like to the influence of AmE.
103) While the Court found the state court's decree nonfinal, it also noted that there was no ground for Section 25 review even were the decree final.
ADVICE It is therefore imperative that members of nonfinal salary pension schemes pay extra care and attention to the underlying investment funds that the pension monies are put into.
that earlier view, remand orders were nonfinal dispositions subject to
It is generally indicated with a double stress superscript, and may or may not involve a lengthening of the onset consonant(s), or of the vowel if it is open and nonfinal.
If T is a nonfinal state and a [member of] P then there will be an arc from T to
386, 399 (1995) ('Congress might not have wished to impose on the alien' the difficult choice created by treating a motion to reopen as rendering the underlying order nonfinal for purposes of judicial review); INS v.
If the enclitic -mm were suffixed to an element standing in nonfinal position, then only the respective constituent of the clause would be focused but not the entire clause.
Conceivably, fall-rise may be analysed as conveying a general final + nonfinal attitude because the speaker starts with a clear and definite opinion about the interlocutor's message ('yes (I agree)/no (I don't agree)'), and, in an afterthought, proceeds with a reservation (= 'but .