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Moreover, as regards the incidence of expropriation-sanction on hypotheses of nonfulfillment of the social function by the other grounds of article 186, at least in relation to the "ecological-environmental function" (item II), there is express provision for administrative sanction, contained In paragraph 3, of article 225, of the Federal Constitution, according to which:
New work attitude measure of trust, organizational commitment and personal need nonfulfillment. Journal of Occupational Psychology, 53 (1), 39-52
Medication nonfulfillment rates and reasons: narrative systematic review.
Basically, this principle implies that nonfulfillment of respective obligations is a breach of the pact.
The most frequent reasons for nonfulfillment of the ESUS-criteria were lacunar strokes and a stenosis of >50% according to the North American Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Trial- (NASCET-) criteria (Supplementary Table 1, Supplementary Material available online at https://
for nonfulfillment of the offset obligation (for example, exclusion
Questioning the power of God can cause disillusion, dissatisfaction and nonfulfillment, which in turn leads to social isolation, while attributing punishment to the devil can cause fear and anxiety.
Gazprom is not keen to invest EUR 700-800mn (USD 787-899mn) in a coal development project and power station in Northern Greece, which the country has suggested as compensation for the nonfulfillment of agreements on gas supplies between Greece and the USSR back in the 1980s, Kommersant reports.
Iran filed an almost $4 billion lawsuit against Russia at the Geneva Court of Arbitration over Russia's nonfulfillment of the contract.
This vendor manual includes topics such as: description of the ordering process, buyer and vendor responsibilities, propriety rights, confidentiality, quality requirements, definition of the supplier's key performance items, establishment of order quantities tolerance, establishment of delay or anticipation tolerance, rebates in case on nonfulfillment, incoterms rules, payment conditions, logistical specifications and ethical, social and environmental requirements.
temporary nonfulfillment of obligations by a State with respect to
14, 1990) (elaborating on the concept of 'core obligations' as referring to states' obligations to satisfy individual's right to minimal essential levels of food, primary healthcare, shelter and housing, and education, the nonfulfillment of which could be considered as a prima facie violation of the Covenant).