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LAHORE -- The Social Welfare Department has contradicted a news story broadcast in a section of electronic media regarding nonfulfilment of promises made to the Pakistan Association of Blind.
Nonfulfilment of this responsibility forces the poor parents to send their four or five year children to a madrasah which prepares a child according to a certain strict sect ideology and more importantly, without a future career.
It expressed concern over plight of Kashmiris living under Indian occupation and nonfulfilment of rights of selfdetermination.
One other indicator of nonfulfilment of the political violence movement in Bahrain is specially alarming.
Manchester United head coach Sir Alex Ferguson has been fined 10,000 euros for nonfulfilment of the post-match media obligations at the same match.
Lowy's analysis is validated by linking Lukacs's political nonfulfilment to his reflection theory.
New work attitude measures of trust, organizational commitment and personal need nonfulfilment.
In other words, even IF expresses that of the two alternatives -- fulfilment and nonfulfilment of the condition -- fulfilment is the less likely.
Just as later sects reinterpreted the prophecy of their leader in light of the nonfulfilment, so did the disciples of Jesus (168).