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Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Ai Shah took serious notice of schools' closure and nonfunctioning and missing of teaching and non teaching staff and made clear that district administration would not tolerate the practice anymore.
The firms are opaque, thinly capitalized structures whose creditors can "run"--that is, try to withdraw their money, leaving the banks insolvent and nonfunctioning.
Saurabh Bhardwaj, P MLA from Greater Kailash who heads Food and Civic Supplies, Transport and Environment ministries, recently organised a jan sabha ( public meeting) in Chittaranjan Park, during which he received many complaints regarding sewage, broken roads and nonfunctioning streetlights.
Absent CIP funds to replace components, the Park%s Maintenance group will continue to remove nonfunctioning or unsafe parts until the overall skate park structures are no longer functional.
Comparison of retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy with open surgery for tuberculous nonfunctioning kidneys.
Bulgarian firefighters have drawn attention to another common problem, the nonfunctioning fire protection systems of a vast majority of buildings.
Remove and compost only the nonfunctioning foliage.
Nonfunctional cysts are more common and the majority of patients, nearly 91%, have nonfunctioning cysts (5).
Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm of the pancreas; differential considerations include: nonfunctioning islet cell tumor, pancreatoblastoma and complicated pseudocyst
On the other hand, the nonfunctioning of the state institutions played its part in this situation.
Diesels are heavy on brake discs, check the front suspension and nonfunctioning A/C might be just a flat battery.
Are we expected to believe that there are two classes of dead people, one with functioning brains and nonfunctioning hearts, and the other with functioning hearts and nonfunctioning brains?