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Member of Wolesi Jarga Sidiq Ahmad Osmani said that the identification number in ministry of finance and registries in the record center can help us figure out the number of functioning and nonfunctioning companies we have.
A recent Cleveland Clinic study found that if nonfunctioning leads are left in place, later removal of an infected ICD is associated with worse outcomes and more complications for the patient.
Nonfunctioning pituitary tumour occur in all age groups and they also decrease life expectancy.
The clinical manifestation of nonfunctioning endocrine pancreatic tumors is characterized by nonspecific symptoms.
Tim Allard, director of the high school, said the computers will be stationed five per classroom to replace outdated and nonfunctioning machines that have been recycled.
Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Ai Shah took serious notice of schools' closure and nonfunctioning and missing of teaching and non teaching staff and made clear that district administration would not tolerate the practice anymore.
Early diagnosis of adrenal cortical carcinoma is very difficult especially in nonfunctioning carcinoma.
Dilated CHF is characterized by a viable but nonfunctioning myocardium in which cardiomyocytes are alive but are not contracting as they should.
Impasse over US spending bill could be the breaking point for a political system that has gone from dysfunctional to nonfunctioning
Bulgarian firefighters have drawn attention to another common problem, the nonfunctioning fire protection systems of a vast majority of buildings.
Remove and compost only the nonfunctioning foliage.
Nonfunctional cysts are more common and the majority of patients, nearly 91%, have nonfunctioning cysts (5).