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Paust, Genocide in Rwanda, State Responsibility to Prosecute or Extradite, and Nonimmunity for Heads of State and Other Public Officials, 34 HOUS.
Indeed, even the Convention, which generally takes a narrow approach to exceptions to immunity, would provide for nonimmunity for torts committed within the forum's territory.
Paust, Federal Jurisdiction Over Extraterritorial Acts of Terrorism and Nonimmunity for Foreign Violators of International Law Under the FSIA and the Act of State Doctrine, 23 VA.
Furlough was the most used type of time off, with 229 days (81%), primarily for nonimmunity (178 days, 78%) followed by furlough awaiting serologic test results (51 days, 22%).
HLA proteins are also found in neurons and other nonimmunity cells, so the death of the hypocretin cells could have had nothing to do with the immune system.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health states that varicella vaccine is indicated only when the student does not have a reliable varicella history or has laboratory evidence of nonimmunity (5).
The general principle of nonimmunity for violations of international law was also expressed in the Nuremberg Principles(7) which recognized, for example, that in the case of war crimes or crimes against humanity "[a]ny person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment," and "[t]he fact that a person .
Is Bound By Human Rights: Understanding the Full Reach of Human Rights, Remedies, and Nonimmunity, 51 HARV.
Essentially, the rule of nonimmunity will preclude the possibility of the insurance company hiding behind the cloak of State immunity and evading its liability to the injured individuals.
Other treaty-based and customary duties of states exist regarding rights of individuals to an effective remedy, access to courts, and nonimmunity with respect to torture, cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.
9) Addressing universal jurisdiction through the ATCA and nonimmunity of corporate actors for cruel, inhumane treatment and slave or forced labor, the district court in Iwanowa v.