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The samples were diluted with LRW in serial dilution and tested, in duplicate, to find minimum noninterfering dilutions.
In other words, different computing frameworks can be deployed on a single physical cluster in a noninterfering manner.
Lawler [23] proposes a decomposition algorithm that decomposes the problem into multiple noninterfering subproblems.
proposed a real-time, noninterfering algorithm that uses the diffusion rate of single-frame images [10].
All equipment is guaranteed to be compact, portable, and noninterfering with radio communications according to aviation standards.
In the colorimetric determination of Pi for the extract of the modified Bray-2 test, fluoride can interfere with color formation, and thus boric acid was added to form noninterfering fluoroborate [18].
For preliminary test on the interfering factors, the product was tested at different dilutions, in order to identify the most suitable noninterfering dilution.
Simultaneous IPN includes two independent noninterfering polymerizations and the crosslinking reactions which happen simultaneously.
The delay-optimal policy is obtained by serving the nonempty queue closest to the destination and then serving the next nonempty and noninterfering queue closest to the destination, which is iteratively done over the entire network.
Of note, signal sequence of TBEV NS1 appeared to be nonimmunogenic on either cellular or antibody levels, the latter favoring its inclusion into the heterologous protein immunogens as a noninterfering transport moiety.
The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) then commenced studies on how to exploit the unused spectrum in UHF TV frequencies through nonprotected noninterfering secondary spectrum access with TV White Space (TVWS) approach [18-20].
In contrast to the typical single-server architecture (top left), virtualization (top right) facilitates multiple guest operating system (OS) environments to run on the same hardware in a noninterfering manner.