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Of the 377 responding households from the two intervention and two nonintervention communities, 233 households (62%) participated in the study, and 327 (64%) of511 eligible household members agreed to participate.
There was no discernible contradiction between nonintervention and human rights.
There were 14 cases and 17 cases of preeclampsia in the intervention nonintervention groups, respectively.
To fill in the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of noninterference, Jones advances a context-sensitive approach to explain the interventions and noninterventions within ASEAN.
The study design was a parallel group design of nurseries: 1 intervention group and 1 nonintervention group.
I stress, more than has been conventional, the consequentialist character of the ethics of both nonintervention and intervention.
Graham's major arguments concerning the effects of nonintervention and the "liberal" nature of the Republic have some, but limited, validity because they ignore the Republic's self-generated destruction.
It incorporated the basic principles of the sovereignty of nation states, internationally binding treaties between states, and nonintervention of one state into the internal affairs of other states.
Youth matched with a mentor for 6 months comprised the intervention group (n = 34) while youth placed on the waiting list comprised the nonintervention group (n = 34).
The Westphalian order of world politics that has prevailed for the past 350 years posited that the world should be understood in terms of sovereign states pledged to nonintervention in the affairs of other sovereign states and with a clear separation of religion and state.
Including a nonintervention school helped to control for other efforts employed to reduce smoking among these students (Table 1).