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In this prospective, observational, noninterventional study design, the treatment choice was based on the decision of the physician only, regardless of study participation and treatment use.
Data source: A 4-year, prospective, noninterventional study involving 2,999 patients.
Hospital risk managers--not the clinicians involved, or the patient's family (who had reached consensus on a noninterventional plan of care)--sought declaratory relief for the operative procedure because they feared a lawsuit.
589 patients were entered into this noninterventional trial performed in 105 dermatological practices in Germany.
Russell has listed the sorts of mutations affecting variations that involve quantum rather than classical deterministic processes and that are noninterventional and thus invisible to science.
When noninterventional clinical studies are a component of the research proposed, NIAID policy requires that studies be monitored commensurate with the degree of potential risk to study subjects and the complexity of the study.
Paramedics brought him to a different, noninterventional, facility, so Peggy quickly coordinated C.
The SINA was resequenced so that assessment begins with noninterventional items (e.
Computed tomography (CT) angiography and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) are the most accurate and cost-effective noninterventional diagnostic modalities for RAS (SOR: A, based on a large meta-analysis).
While I would be glad to see a genuine fan take over - especially one with some real business sense - I do hope that Morgan adopts the same low-key noninterventional style with the manager that David Moores did.
trial ATLANTIS (Alteplase ThromboLysis for Acute Noninterventional Therapy in Ischemic Stroke) based upon an interim analysis which revealed an extremely small statistical chance to demonstrate a net clinical benefit by fully enrolling and completing the trial.
Contract notice: Supply noninterventional intravascular catheters: peripheral, central, central tunneled long stay, central, central peripheral, umbilicals, venesection and central insertion tunneled with implantable chamber to the centers of the catalan institute of salut.