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Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia by microfluidics digital PCR analysis of maternal plasma DNA.
In sum, noninvasive prenatal diagnosis for DS can be a boon to women's autonomy, allowing them to think clearly about motherhood and disability without the distractions of an invasive and minimally risky test.
Sites of differential DNA methylation between placenta and peripheral blood: molecular markers for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies.
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: comprehensive genetic diagnosis in carrier, proband, and fetus.
In the present study, we attempted to demonstrate the feasibility of using the targeted massively parallel sequencing platform for carrier detection and noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of DMD.
All in all, these data indicated that fetal DNA in maternal plasma would be a valuable material for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis.
Ding have filed patent applications on fetal nucleic acids in maternal plasma for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis.
His contributions have facilitated the development of new approaches for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis and fostered the use of circulating DNA in the diagnosis of cancer.
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of a case of Down syndrome due to robertsonian translocation by massively parallel sequencing of maternal plasma DNA.