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2] the agent's noninvolvement intention is about 16.
It is illuminating to see the origins of America's traditional noninvolvement in African affairs stemming from compromise between US agencies that resulted in prioritizing focus and American primacy in the Pacific.
And there is no better measure of Iran's genuine commitment to human rights than the way it treats its largest religious minority, the 300,000-member Baha'i community of Iran, who are by their religious principles committed to nonviolence and noninvolvement in politics.
He added that students today learn noninvolvement from our culture.
For a few, serving on the committee marks a radical departure from a track record of noninvolvement.
The last thing anyone needs is former coworkers who perpetuate noninvolvement myths about you even after you've figured out non-involvement isn't a winning strategy.
Kabalu said they have been urging the government to investigate the matter to support their claim of noninvolvement with the JI or with any other terrorist group.
Now we have the SARS scare and American feelings about Canada's noninvolvement in the war in Iraq.
He provides an insider's view of that struggle in which progressive Islam confronted not only those in power who defended the apartheid system but also the Muslim conservatives led by clerics whose stance on noninvolvement in politics was, in fact, support for the apartheid status quo.
In the Dark of the Night," written in 1906, is a story with tragic and comic elements which depicts effectively the growing revolutionary atmosphere in society where even the innocent become guilty by association and reap dire consequences despite their declared neutrality and noninvolvement.
Someone knows who took what, when, where and how, but "Someone" does not come forward because of a noninvolvement attitude, friendship, job status, peer pressure, concern for retaliation or seniority.
Therefore, we request that you reconsider your position of noninvolvement and endorse an (airport noise study) by the Airport Authority and the city of Burbank in an effort to obtain a mandatory curfew and other limits on noise at the airport,'' Golonski wrote in the letter.