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He added that students today learn noninvolvement from our culture.
The last thing anyone needs is former coworkers who perpetuate noninvolvement myths about you even after you've figured out non-involvement isn't a winning strategy.
Kabalu said they have been urging the government to investigate the matter to support their claim of noninvolvement with the JI or with any other terrorist group.
For the people gathering the signatures and those who would sign the petitions, I think Bill Sizemore's involvement or noninvolvement is almost irrelevant," Moore said.
Now we have the SARS scare and American feelings about Canada's noninvolvement in the war in Iraq.
but any link with national team looks improbable, given Stam's noninvolvement in Holland's friendly with Andorra on October 6.
He provides an insider's view of that struggle in which progressive Islam confronted not only those in power who defended the apartheid system but also the Muslim conservatives led by clerics whose stance on noninvolvement in politics was, in fact, support for the apartheid status quo.
Someone knows who took what, when, where and how, but "Someone" does not come forward because of a noninvolvement attitude, friendship, job status, peer pressure, concern for retaliation or seniority.
Soap's noninvolvement - but I've been talking about soap and not Ponge.
The majority of interviewees were members of civic organizations and disability support groups, but those who were not members cited lack of knowledge about the organizations, lack of interest, and lack of transportation as reasons for noninvolvement.
Counselors' reasons for the apparent noninvolvement of family members include an inability to examine rehabilitation problems within a systems theory approach (Cottone, Handelsman, & Walters, 1986); a belief that family contact requires specialized knowledge and training in family therapy (Power & Dell Orto, 1980); and limited case service funds available for family treatment (Kneipp & Bender, 1981).