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how nonlegal forces work or how exactly the law facilitates them.
If the ICC's officers acknowledge that there are nonlegal reasons why they depart from the central mission of the court, they run the risk of jeopardizing the gradual acceptance of the norm that committing serious international law crimes is no longer an acceptable political strategy and that such crimes always ought to result in punishment for the perpetrators.
entities, provided that no nonlawyer or nonlegal entity involved in the
19) No demographic indicators were statistically significant either: neither one's gender, race, income, age, education, surroundings, sexual orientation, nor the respondents' stated number of friends affected their perception of the dispute as legal or nonlegal in statistically significant ways.
The letter urged residents to report complaints about drinking and smoking drugs, loud music at unsociable hours, riding around on nonlegal vehicles, violent physical or verbal abuse, damage to property by throwing stones and the theft of fence panels to start bonfires.
She also oversees risk management, both legal and nonlegal, and enterprise risk, which encompasses such issues as competition and labor disputes.
So far in the Midlands, very few nonlegal members of staff have been made partners as a result of the Legal Services Act amendments, but I think this could, and should, all change.
This paper focuses on the provisions of Washington's Open Public Meeting Act (OPMA), but also addresses other legal requirements, and nonlegal issues surrounding effective and responsive public meetings.
In an effort to provide a counter to legal explanations, Ellickson's "bottom up" explanations focus on individual, rational behaviour at the expense of considering the wide array of nonlegal "top down" forces that shape interaction in households.
Facet Publishing now offers Information Rights in Practice: The NonLegal Professional's Guide (ISBN: 978-1-85604-620-6, 224 pp.
In addition to enrollment declines, what worries some educators here is that nonlegal residents--some of whom were brought to the U.
Transitional justice is perfect for dealing with the legacies of mass violations of human rights in conflict-ridden areas, as there is not only a legal response to these legacies but also nonlegal, dealing with healing.