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Hammerstein models are mentioned for example in applications to pH process control, where is used the poleplacement self-tuning control of nonlinear Hammerstein system [30], or in servo systems, where is employed the nonlinear modelling and predictive functional control of Hammerstein system [31], or like a recursive parametric estimation algorithm of multivariable systems described by Hammerstein models [26].
In these methods mentioned above, nonlinear components are handled as the terminal loads of the TL, namely, a one-port network.
Toda: Theory of Nonlinear Lattices, Springer, Berlin, 1981.
The NVNA nonlinear pulse-envelope domain measurement displays the harmonic pulse envelopes.
Indeed, even pollutants that don't have a NOAEL may have nonlinear effects at low doses, notes Bernard Weiss of the University of Rochester (N.
In medicine, chaos and nonlinear dynamics have been used to investigate complex problems plaguing cardiology, neurology, epidemiology, endocrinology, immunology, gerontology, otolaryngology (voice), and other disciplines.
The stability of a nonlinear differential equation can be of different nature compared to that of its linearized version for some equilibrium points having associate linear systems with imaginary complex modes.
A Neural Network (NN) Toolbox was used in conjunction with second-order Gradient Search software to build five-layer NN models of simulated nonlinear data.
This is because nonlinear systems, as they become more complex, are very susceptible to differences in initial and environmental conditions.
Instead of proceeding from Point A to Point C via Point B, nonlinear organization allows you to proceed directly to Point C (or D or F or even Z).
In particular, what does this mean when the exact nonlinear specification is unknown?
Nonlinear problems confronting plastics processors include the viscoelastic behavior of polymers as well as design analysis of parts such as snap-fits or gaskets.