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Hereman: Symbolic computation of hyperbolic tangent solutions for nonlinear differential-difference equations, Comput.
Industry Challenges in the World Video Nonlinear Editing Market
Scientists have recently begun to discover mechanisms to explain hormesis and other nonlinear dose responses.
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Business managers deal with nonlinear systems all the time.
Presents simulation and modeling techniques for nonlinear distortion in wireless channels using MATLAB?
They have found a new kind of dye--a specialized, nonlinear material used in lasers and optical communication--that appears to violate the traditional rules of optical physics.
New features include over 125 additional nonlinear equations, enhanced user defined function (UDF) capabilities, three new Robust fitting methods, an AI Expert for equation selection, additional data import and export formats, and more.
Elsenbaumer; and "The preparation of processable conjugated polymers for the improvement of electrical and nonlinear optical properties," F.
In contrast to the linear editing process, nonlinear editing allows an editor to randomly access and choose different frames within a single video clip and 'stitch' them together.
The traditional approach to designing controllers for nonlinear systems is to linearize them in some ad hoc manner and then apply a linear design method which requires further manual tuning," said Jim Tung, vice president of business development for The MathWorks.
In both hydrodynamics and relativity, the equations involved are nonlinear.