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[Latin, Not.] A common prefix used to indicate negation.

For example, the term non sequitur means "it does not follow."

NON. Not. When prefixed to other words, it is used as a negative as non access, non assumpsit.

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NOnly a small minority of people with epilepsy are affected by flashing lights.
nOnly splashed out on a new pair of trainers after Camelot handed them their initial pounds 2,000 cheque;
If the three points for a win system were applied throughout Everton's history, the nonly once would they have finished a season under the 40 mark -1888-89, when they played only 22 games.
nOnly one match into the Battle of the Bookies and we've decided to change the rules (serious business this).
NOnly 4,000 children were adopted during the year ending March 2005.
She was seen ``kissing and cuddling'' with Mark Thomas, the nonly 17,on a night out in Grimsby.
nONLY seven entries have been received for the Pertemps `Fighting Fifth' Hurdle at Newcastle on Saturday, so the race has been reopened.
NONLY three games were played in the Datastor Killingworth Mini League's Under-10 United Spring League.
If this year's Thundersprint delivers in the way the organisers hope, the nonly the late summer Rossendale Valley show will come anywhere near it - and Rossendale lacks the mouth watering racing line-up that's been promised for Thundersprint 2003.
nONLY three match defeats in 11 and a 100 per cent singles record prove one thing - Mickelson is no choker despite his lack of Major success.
NONLY one game was possible in the North East Case Management Northumberland Youth League, Gosforth Bohemians Garnett winning 5-1 at Grainger Park in the Gray Division.