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Due to the increasing blurriness between material and nonmaterial information, (107) as well as the increasing prevalence of comprehensive corporate confidentiality agreements broadening the scope of nonpublic information, (108) securities analysts must refrain from engaging in 'research' practices in furtherance of the mosaic theory.
This principle, haecceitas, is absolutely intrinsic to that which it individuates within creation--including both material and nonmaterial things (73)--and really identical with such an individual thing's very being.
Some of these specify nonmaterial states, but it would be possible to factor these into material situations.
Direct nonmaterial incentives for national decisionmakers may include travel to international conferences, where there is an opportunity to acquire international status and heightened professional reputation.
Some talk of universal intelligence, others of divine consciousness, while Jung called it The Ethers, a nonmaterial frequency domain, sharing inheritance in a 4th dimension.
The finding by Hautala, Saylor, and O'Leary-Kelly (2007) that preceptors considered nonmaterial benefits, specifically recognition by others, to be important is supported by this study.
a society based on mostly highly self-sufficient cooperative and participatory and zero-growth local economies geared to meeting needs, and based on frugal, nonmaterial values and satisfactions.
Organizations need to integrate ESC practices into their overall business strategies, engage with a wider group of stakeholders, determine material and nonmaterial factors, manage complexity of their disclosures and determine completeness of the information that is included in the report.
After submitting a higher bid of Van Herk claimed that it was informed that Prudential had "no issue" as to Van Herk's nonmaterial changes, and that the loan sale agreement needed "wordsmithing.
Taking economic security for granted, they emphasize nonmaterial goals.
This study will highlight how material and nonmaterial improvements can be combined with a Navywide TCPED end-to-end enterprise designed and constructed to optimally support U.