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The challenge then is to sense (not just to see) such a string as a string and also as not a string, it is to sense not only the material aspects and also the nonmaterial aspects that convoked its morphing into or manifesting as another presence.
Both produce material structures, and social networks also produce the nonmaterial characteristics of culture--values, rules of behavior, beliefs, knowledge, etc.
The economic culture of a nation, consisting of prevailing attitudes, norms, and assumptions about business, work, and other aspects of the economy, "may affect the generation of nonmaterial rewards indirectly through their influence on the evolution of institutions and policies, but also very directly through their impact on participants' motives and expectations.
Scarcity of both material and nonmaterial resources is a global concern, reinforcing the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in these supply chains.
With a strong interest in the dynamics and poetics of digital memory, Stam, who runs Commonplace Studio in Amsterdam, focuses his work on the images and sound captured by digital devices--and how that nonmaterial content might drive the form and feel of tactile objects.
Leasing was also considered as a nonmaterial solution.
The large surface area and catalytic properties of nonmaterial are catching the attention for the development of new technologies for water treatment.
The authors acknowledge that the transformation from current economic practices to those that offer "new, nonmaterial benefits that come from contributing to the global-integral human society" represents a profound change.
Both sides decided to enhance cooperation in press and publication, science and technology, medical and health care, education, parliament and civil exchanges, sports, Chinese and Arab classics translation, cultural heritage and protection of nonmaterial heritage.
These nonmaterial motivations point to better ways to get results from the members of an organization," said Frey and Osterloh.
Using wealth as a point of entry into deeper discussion of material and nonmaterial value, the ultimate product from Rich Indians is a work that should improve the leverage scholars exert over ethnicity and its construction in the American and American Indian experience.